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DDoS protection

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DDoS protection 

DDoS Protection and Mitigation Services

Protecting the core of your digital brand against DDoS attacks 

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks—continued attempts to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic—are increasing in size and frequency because they are easy and cheap for cyber criminals to carry out. 

Companies need a leading security partner with a global reach to help mitigate cyber risks not contained by a traditional firewall. 

DDoS attacks can affect your company by causing: 

System outages and cessation of internal business processes 

Loss of revenue from downed internet sites

Compromised customer credentials resulting in damaged reputation

Significant financial impact, as cyber criminals are using DDoS attacks to extort money from brand owners

Ultimately, DDoS attacks threaten to cost your brand time, money, and even its reputation.

What isimSoftware offers 

Providing ample bandwidth

Detecting and filtering malicious DDoS attacks away from your brand

Scaling to handle the internet’s largest and most complex attacks

Why isimSoftware

Unlike traditional security solutions, we filter harmful traffic upstream of the organizational network. Our domain name system solution combines multiple layers of security measures and counter measures to protect you against malicious attacks. The Verisign platform is a network built for speed and reliability.

Our platform is less vulnerable, because it’s not open source. The huge capacity and geographic diversity of the Verisign network (17 points of presence) ensures that your systems are not only highly responsive, but are also resilient against DDoS attacks, natural disasters, and other potential disasters. 

We’re ready to talk 

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