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Database Design Services

Microsoft SQL Server Database Professional Design Services

Engineered for Life 

Microsoft SQL Server Database Professional Design Services

We offer a range of professional consulting and engineering services — all centered around our core expertise with the Microsoft technology stack, including: SQL Server database migration, SQL Server performance optimization, custom SQL/.NET design-build solutions, accounting and ERP systems integration, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) design-build, data visualization and analytics, maintenance and support services.

We provide senior, highly-experienced engineering professionals and IT Consultants (no junior or outsourced personnel) who specialize in Microsoft .NET and database solutions.

Our database design and .NET development services range from optimizing SQL Server databases to converting legacy Excel or Access applications you may have outgrown, to creating new SQL database/.NET solutions from scratch. The team brings together a unique combination of industry and business experience with deep technical acumen to satisfy the most demanding database design and custom software development needs.

Access & Excel Migrations to SQL Server Databases

Many businesses manage their core business data using Excel or Access. Eventually, they outgrow these tools. As the business expands, they need more users, better performance, more data capacity, remote or mobile capabilities, and multiple users in multiple locations. Many work-arounds lead directly to inconsistent data and growing costs that justify migrating to a more robust SQL Server/.NET solution.

Our team specializes in converting your complex Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to SQL Server and .NET. We strive to capture and retain the significant investment you have made in functionality and business knowledge that are unique to your business. Read more...

SQL Server Engineering Audits

The design patterns and implementation methods used to create your SQL Server database structures and code deeply affect the performance, reliability, data integrity, security, analytics, and reporting aspects of your application. Our expert SQL Server database designers will help you identify root-cause deficiencies with your design or implementation methods. Such "technical debt" impacts your system capabilities and is costly to maintain. We will make specific engineering recommendations and SQL performance tuning suggestions to measurably improve your system. 

SQL Server Database Tuning and Optimization

Many in-house designed Access and SQL Server databases do not reach their full potential with respect to efficiency, speed, and capabilities due to improper database design and poor engineering methods. We are experts in the latest Access and SQL Server tuning and optimization techniques.

While there are no "silver bullets," we can often provide incremental remedial fixes to substantially speed up your SQL database and fix reliability and data corruption issues that plague many in-house systems. While we clean up your existing database design and legacy code, our goals are both to improve your overall system performance and provide you with a sturdy foundation that is cost-effective to maintain and extend. 

Custom SQL Reporting and Analytics

Do you have a large SQL database with complex structures or Big Data that frustrates your reporting needs?

Are your reports incomplete or unreliable?

Are you unable to identify key patterns and trends within your business data?

Are you investing too much time tweaking specialized one-off reports?

There are many different approaches to reporting and data analysis — but going down the wrong path is expensive. Often, the implementation falls short of the business needs. Our design team can assist you to design efficient and intuitive reporting and analysis solutions that allow users to quickly visualize, understand, and take action on large amounts of data. 

19 Years of Custom Database Design & Development Experience

The isimSoftware Database Development Team brings extensive knowledge of SQL Server database design modeling and engineering techniques required to support high-performance Internet Database solutions that are solid, reliable, and cost-effective to maintain. Our business database design experience is the result of hundreds of custom SQL database solutions over the years — spanning every industry and line-of-business function that you can imagine.

isimSoftware 's knowledge of SQL database development dates back to the Clipper, FoxPro and DBase days — when many of the capabilities and techniques our SQL database developers use today to address our Clients' business needs were simply unavailable or impractical. Our database developer team's extensive experience with database design and SQL Programming implementation informs every recommendation we make to Clients, and enables isimSoftware to provide our Clients with solid, cost-effective solutions with tangible results. 

SQL Database Design Template — High Quality, Low Cost Business Database Solutions

The isimSoftware engineering team starts every new Client project with a SQL Server database design "template" that contains many generic data models, relationships and capabilities that are common to every custom business database solution we build. Our database design template approach translates directly to high quality business database solutions for our Clients, with robust capabilities at a fraction of the ordinary cost.

Example of "built-in" capabilities include: secure sign-on and password management, roll-based security framework and privilege management controls, email templating, audit trails, and exception tracking with fully-integrated support processing. In addition, the standard isimSoftware database design architecture includes sophisticated data caching capabilities that provide our engineers with the control and flexibility they need to fully optimize database performance.

SQL Server Database Schema

Database Performance Audits of SQL Server Database Designs

If you already have a Microsoft SQL Server database design solution up and running, but are experiencing poor database performance, or maintenance high costs, our SQL Server database design Consultants can help you discover the root-causes of these issues, and provide remedial database design recommendations and database development expertise to improve your system performance. We can help you avoid spending precious time and money on areas of your system that provide marginal returns, and focus investments on core business database design engineering methods that produce tangible results. 

SQL Server Design and Development Services 

isimSoftware offers a number of specialized SQL Server development services that span database design, development, optimization, troubleshooting, audits and ongoing maintenance and support. Our SQL developers will listen to your business needs and concerns, evaluate your existing SQL Server database(s), and recommend SQL programming services and an approach that is appropriate to your priorities.

isimSoftware provides custom SQL Server analysis, design and development services for SQL Server 2005, and SQL Server 2008, and SQL Server 2012. Today's distributed business demands a different kind of SQL Database solution. Performance, scalability, and reliability are essential. Cost and time-to-market are always critical. isimSoftware expert SQL Server Development services can help you establish a strong SQL Server database foundation for maintaining enterprise-scale quality, security and performance. Properly developed, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012 provide robust data modeling, data management and business analysis capabilities that allow your organization to support efficient operations and adapt quickly to evolving business needs.

Tuning the SQL Schema, Queries, and Indexes for Optimal Performance 

In our experience, the single, largest factor to SQL Server performance, reliability, data integrity, security, and the ability to generate the types of reports and data analytics that are necessary to drive business decisions, is the underlying SQL Server database design. Our expert SQL Server developers will help you identify deficiencies with your SQL database design and implementation that impact important areas of your business — and the effort required to maintain and develop your SQL database in a cost-effective manner over time. Our SQL developers have in-depth knowledge and experience with a wide variety of transactional and reporting SQL designs, and can provide you with a detailed understanding of SQL design and development issues that most often impede business needs.

If you already have a Microsoft SQL Server database solution up and running, but are experiencing poor reliability or performance, or higher costs required to maintain and extend the system, our SQL Server Developers can help you discover the root causes of these issues, and provide solutions sets that meet your immediate and longer-term and business needs. isimSoftware SQL developers can help you avoid spending money on efforts that provide marginal returns, and focus your investments on core design and development methods that establish a strong and extensible SQL Server foundation. 

SQL Server Proof-of-Concept Application Prototyping Service

Absent a well-designed application interface that is optimized for efficient data management functions, having a perfectly designed SQL Server database does not offer much value to your business. isimSoftware provides prototype application design and development services with SQL Server data structures that allow you to test and validate the SQL Server solution — to mitigate technical risks, accelerate the formation of a project team, and determine the most cost-effective approach to building out the system in a manner that is well-aligned with your business needs and priorities — all before development of the business database begins.

isimSoftware Prototypes are fast and inexpensive; they reflect the high quality of our SQL Developer's design and SQL programming techniques, and they provide the confidence that the project is on the right track, properly scoped, and within reliable budget and schedule estimates. Application Prototypes provide and source-code to drive the development phase. 

SQL Server Integrations

Several methods are available to integrate SQL Server with an another system — SQL Server integration with MS Access, MS Excel, and commercial accounting and ERP systems are quite common. Proper integration with SQL Server can significantly streamline business workflows, and avoid unnecessary (and often inefficient and error-prone) manual data management. The engineering effort required to develop a SQL Server interface can vary significantly, so it is important to select the method most appropriate to the business need.

SQL Server Integration Methods

SQL Server integration methods can include ETL scripts that support file-based data extraction and import, ODBC or webservices connections, or API-level integration. Each method is capable of supporting one-way or bi-directional data integration. ODBC, webservices or API-level integration methods are often the best approach for continuous, real-time data integration needs. The method one chooses is driven largely by two factors: whether the same data elements need to accessible by both systems (vs. a logical flow of data from one system to the other), and the frequency of updates needed by the business e.g. real-time vs. once a month.

For example, if your accounting system needs customer service hours from an external SQL Server database once a month for invoicing, an ETL script to extract and import the data is often the most cost-effective approach. If on the other hand the accounting system needs customer service hours every day, then system-level integration is usually the best choice.

Integrating SQL Server With Accounting and ERP Software

Popular accounting systems we have experience with include: QuickBooks, Sage 50, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP Business One, Sage MAS 90 ERP and Sage MAS 200 ERP, and NetSuite. Common ERP systems we have SQL Server data integration experience with include: SAP, Epicore, NetSuite, Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Sage Accpac ERP. SQL Server data integration with any accounting or ERP software package is feasible when the software package uses a relational database; and the entire relational database schema is accessible to the outside world.

In our experience, the most common technical hurdle to integrating external SQL Server data with an accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the vendor's inability (or unwillingness) to expose their underlying SQL table structures. In circumstances where the SQL table structures are readily available, integration with data stored in a SQL Server database is a usually quite straightforward.

Integrating SQL Server with MS Excel

Two popular business scenarios for integrating MS Excel with a SQL Server database include using MS Excel as a flexible front-end calculation engine to perform flexible "what-if" business functions that would otherwise be too expensive to build into SQL Server; another popular scenario involves using Excel for SQL data selection and interactive charting functions, which can also require integration with SQL Server Analytic Services (SSAS). Both SQL Excel integration scenarios can provide a powerful, cost-effective way to manipulate large sets of data stored in a SQL Server database — and take advantage of Excel functions that are familiar to many power users. Learn more about integrating MS Excel with SQL Server.

Integrating SQL Server with MS Access

Many businesses manage core business data using a highly-customized version of MS Access, but eventually outgrow the limited capabilities that MS Access can offer. More Users, more data, the need to support remote Users in different locations are among the primary factors that necessitate migration of an in-house MS Access system with SQL Server. PCA specializes in migrating MS Access to SQL Server, to handle growing business needs. Learn more about Excel and/or MS Access to SQL Server migration services.

Integrating SQL Server with QuickBooks

SQL Server - QuickBooks integrations can take on several forms. The easiest, low-cost approach is file-based integration, where a select set of data is exported from SQL Server (in CSV format), then imported into the QuickBooks application. This approach is very common for occasional/intermittent data integration needs, for example exporting work orders from SQL to support monthly invoicing in QuickBooks. Using the same approach it is also common to export customer or invoice data from QuickBooks, and import into SQL Server, for the purpose of reconciling accounting and service functions.

File-based data integration can also be automated via SQL Server "jobs" to support more frequent/repeatable data update needs. An alternative SQL Server - QuickBooks integration involves connecting the two applications in "real-time" via the QuickBooks Application Programming Interface (API). This approach requires more engineering, but is very useful for high frequency data integration needs E.g. when accounting and services functions must mirror each another during the work day.

Database Tuning and Optimization

A database is a lot like an automobile — lots of moving parts, where bad things can (and do) happen without frequent maintenance. Many in-house designed MS Access and SQL Server database systems have obvious design and/or coding issues, which cause problems with system performance, reliability, data integrity, and the cost to maintain and extend the system over time. PCA is expert with MS Access and SQL Server database tuning and optimization techniques, and we can implement remedial engineering methods that will substantially speed up and stabilize your system, and eliminate data integrity issues that plague most office-grown systems.

SQL Server Tuning & Optimization

If your business relies on Microsoft SQL Server for your core data management needs, you might not be getting the performance, security or reliability you need. The SQL Server product has grown to contain more complex features over the years, and many of the most powerful (and almost hidden) capabilities are really only understood by advanced users with years of experience.

Our Engineering staff routinely performs technical assessments of SQL Server database designs. We have a standard check-list of SQL components that we evaluate. Our assessment is thorough, and includes all items that impact SQL Server performance, data integrity, security, reliability, and ease of maintenance. The PCA engineering team has advanced SQL Server skills that are honed through many years of solving real-world issues, and we can help your business identify and solve the most complex SQL Server performance optimization needs. Learn more about SQL Server Performance Tuning & Optimization.

SQL Server Query Performance Optimization

The process of optimizing the performance of SQL Server queries can involve a wide variety of strategies and techniques. To fully optimize SQL Server performance, we carefully consider (and balance) the following: Intent optimization, Structural optimization, Language optimization, Hardware optimization, and Application Optimization. The 80/20 rule applies to SQL Server query performance optimization: it is often possible to realize significant improvements in overall system performance (10x is typical) by remediating the top five most obvious issues. Learn more about SQL Server Query Performance Optimization.

MS Access Tuning & Optimization

As MS Access systems grow over time i.e. more users, more data, more reports, it is quite common for performance, reliability, data integrity, and other issues to surface. Design decisions which seemed sound initially may no longer make sense, or may no longer be able to handle the burdens of daily use. PCA engineers understand how the common life cycle (of design changes, updates, and data growth) of MS Access databases can lead to performance and other problems that can cripple productivity. Learn more about Microsoft Access Performance Problems...


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