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As an institution, the scope of complex projects that have the customer , quality , functional , integration , interface , reporting and authorization requirements, including the elaboration of System Analysis isimSoftware all your needs in the … 

CMMI model is designed with reference to the requirements of our customers within the scope of development and Requirements Management Process is developing or plans to develop products / services that derive the details of requirements .

Requirements within the scope of the development and management;

Customer requirements gathering,

Reviewing customer requirements under the criteria,

Expert opinions, standards, and related products to appeal to examine,

Requirements grouping will be discovered

As a result of analyzing the detailed documentation of the requirements are delivered to our customers.

We design the infrastructure for the sake of traceability of requirements,

Requirements for the management of the infrastructure for possible changes that could offer our customers.

Technical Solution and Product Integration CMMI Process Model prepared by reference to the scope of our customers is developing or plans to develop products / services that derive the detail design.

Alternative solution by contacting Elections, Make / Buy / Reuse Analysis realizing the scope of customer requirements, developing technology infrastructure offer our customers the most suitable design.

Our client within the framework of the standards by the designs develops, within the scope of the development plan and carrying out integration, verification and validation results of development activities, keeping in accordance with customer requirements, current products are delivered.

CMMI Process Model prepared with reference to the scope of the test is developing our customers’ product / services we test.

Customers to develop the most appropriate testing techniques , test strategies , test environments by identifying the most suitable in terms of cost , risk assessment work products to be tested by performing tests with scenarios are realizing .

Test Results are analyzed by recording the name of one more repetition, and thus we can guarantee customer satisfaction at the highest stage.


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