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isimSoftware agile software team and designed with reference to the world-famous CMMI model, independent organizations registered with the processes offers turn-key projects. 

The main service we offer to our customers is customised software solutions. We see our customers as business partners and make sure that we can meet their needs by constantly improving our products and staff quality. 

Before we implement a software project, we first investigate the business structure and requirements. This ensures the most suitable and efficient solution. 

The software is developed by our experts at our head office. Depending on the project requirements, this can also be performed at the customer office for a certain period of time. 

The software implementation methodology and documentation quality of our Custom Software Projects have evolved along with the standards of global companies we work with and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). 

We deliver projects together with the source codes after acceptance tests and customer approvals. 

Project from beginning to end by addressing the needs of our customers , on behalf of the emergence of products that meet customer expectations , by operating all the processes prescribed by taking control of the risks and problems , projects, analysis, design, testing, integration , and other activities are realizing that time . 

Demands of our customers have taken delivery of the scope of our work;

  • Planning the scope of the Project Management Process ,
  • Project costs kept to a minimum to determine purchasing needs ,
  • Effective project management by performing surveillance activities during the project subject to the holding ,
  • The detailed analysis of customer needs the right product / service requirements elicits
  • Needs analysis based on the needs arising from the design architecture to create ,
  • Designed in accordance with the design , carrying out improvements to meet the standards,
  • Enhancements to the appropriate test methods in accordance with the scope of testing plans ,
  • The integration of the integration procedures for the planning ,
  • Developments in the emerging business and in ensuring the quality of products ,
  • Developed product / product components validation provide customer environment ,
  • Validated product / package the product components are delivered to our customers .

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