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Two-factor authentication

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Two-factor authentication 

Domain Transfer, Registry and Registrar Lock Services

Add enhanced layers of security to protect your high-value digital assets 

To combat domain hijacking, and protect against unauthorized changes and deletions to your critical domain names, we advise all our clients to apply registry- and registrar-level domain locks as well as two-factor authentication. This provides strong additional security layers to protect against data theft and keep your digital assets from being compromised.

What isimSoftware offers 

MultiLock service

Changes can only be made when three independent parties provide authorization, significantly reducing the likelihood of a domain name being hijacked.

This service provides the highest level of security by combining registry- and registrar-level locks with three-party manual authorization, as well as a WHOIS lock. It prohibits unauthorized deletions, transfers, and updates to your domains. 

Two-factor authentication service 

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of protection to prevent unauthorized changes to your domains. Access to digital assets is only granted to someone who can provide a username and password along with a unique code. The unique, changing code—the second factor—is something only the authorized user possesses. Without the code, even someone who has obtained a username and password cannot access the system.

Why isimSoftware 

isimSoftware is the most security focused corporate domain registrar and online brand protection provider. With the rise in cyber crime and sophistication of attacks worldwide, isimSoftware is constantly seeking the best solution for our clients to keep their digital assets safe at all times.

We're ready to talk 

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