Capability Maturity Model Integration (Capability Maturity Model Integrated)

• Create a worldwide recognized CMMI processes according to the model,
• Register the Processes according to internationally accepted levels of maturity,
• Improved access to the competitiveness,
• Aiming to increase profitability,

Service range is CMMI isimSoftware all your needs …

CMMI Model, to be implemented in order to provide customers with high quality software products, processes, process improvement model with what is going on. This model will boost the performance of organizations, detailing the properties of the active processes, a collection of best practices.

Compatible with the CMMI model, CMMI Consulting services that will make our customers with all kinds of analysis, implementation and carrying out training activities. CMMI Level 3 as a company to convey our experience to our customers, our clients’ best practices in our processes generally registered.

With CMMI Consulting service;

• Our customers in the design process, the appropriate mentoring making mature,
• Dissemination activities on behalf of our clients offering designed processes,
• Providing support to our customers tools and equipment within the scope of process improvement,
• Prepare the controls carried out to our customers.

Clients isimSoftware certified CMMI Consulting Service at the end;

• To provide clients with high quality products with mature processes,
• Known in international markets,
• Product development costs that had reduced to minimum levels,
• Managing risks more effectively,
• The effective management of projects takes place at the forefront of providing companies.

CMMI Model Details

Certification is carried out world-class defined in CMMI maturity levels. CMMI model growing up from 1 to 5 under the organization’s processes are assessed according to their level of maturity. Increased levels of maturity improvement in the quality of products, the risks that can be managed more effectively, show that predictable project outcomes. Differ according to the level of maturity of the organization process areas should be identified.

Maturity Level Process Areas
Level 1 (Basic) All companies of at least 1 Maturity level.
Level 2 (Managed) Requirements Management
Project Planning
Project Monitoring and Control
Configuration Management
Supplier Contract Management
Measurement and Analysis
Process and Product Quality Assurance
Level 3 (Defined) Development requirements
Technical Solution
Product Integration
Business Process Focus
Business Process Definition
Corporate Training
Integrated Project Management
Risk Management
Decision Analysis and Resolution
Level 4 (Quantitative Managed) Business Process Performance
Digital Project Management
Level 5 (Improved) Corporate Innovation and expansion are
Reason Analysis and Resolution

CMMI Certification Institute in the USA under the controls carried out by the auditors approved by the Chief.