isimSoftware Catering Software

A complete software solution for caterers.

Software for caterers and restaurants for creating menus, calculating material consumption, calculating rate per plate etc.
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isimSoftware Catering Software

isimSoftware Catering is a software solution for caterers . It is a great tool for caterers. It can automate so many things that caterers can focus fully on the taste of food and on their business.

isimSoftware Catering can help you prevent wastage of food, because you can precisely calculate the amount of each item required for a given number of guests.

isimSoftware Catering can take your business to new heights by saving a lot of your time that gets wasted in managing a catering order and various calculations.
isimSoftware Catering saves time, prevents wastage, saves money and 
can save a lot of time that is needed to calculate item quantities, material consumption etc. isimSoftware Catering can perform all those calculations for you. Thus it can save a lot of your time

You can also tune it to suggest precise quantities of items to make in a menu. Thus it can save a lot of wastage.

isimSoftware Catering helps caterers because using it they can: 
Keep a list of all the items that they make.
Create recipes for those items.
Create events for parties.
Create menus for each event.
Get a hint of possible consumption of each item in menu.
Get a list of total material consumption.
Get a hint of Rate per Plate value
Create various menu catalogs
Change the number of guests and everything get adjusted automatically.

  • Material List : You can maintain a material list. isimSoftwareCatering can do various calculations based on this list. 
  • Items List :It is the list of all items that you make. From this list you generate various menus for different events 
  • Item Recipes : You can supply items' recipes here. Recipes are used to generate material consumption list. 
  • Take Orders : From you business perspective, it is the most exciting time for you. You take orders and maintain a list of orders. 
  • Program EventsHere you can create various events for your program like lunch, dinner etc. 
  • Event Menus : You can create menus for every event. isimSoftware Catering do wonders here by suggesting item quantities, costing etc. for the menu . 
  • Material Consumption : You can generate a complete list of all materials used : in a single event, in a single order or across multiple orders          
  • Bill Details : You can generate and print bills here. 
  • Manage Payments: You can manage payments done against each order. 
  • Design Plate : You can specify per person wise consumption. Using this isimSoftware Catering suggests you items quantities.

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