isimSoftware Box Optimization Software

Box Optimization Software

isimSoftware Box Optimization Software is the most effective and efficient method to pack items in corrugated boxes. Enter the dimensions and software will show you the optimal box


isimSoftware Box Optimization Software

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Download the package

Extract the files into a folder

Open the folder

Double click on BoxOptimizationSoftware.exe

Main Screen 

The Main Screen comprises of

Boxes – View, delete and add new boxes

Exit – Exit the system

Enter Item dimensions, select Fragile if needed

Button “isimSoftware Box Optimization Software” to show the box needed

Main Screen 3

Boxes Management

View all boxes

Delete boxes

Add a box, please note you must enter the side with the flaps first

Enter Length (the side with the flaps)

Enter Width


MultiDepth, if the box has scored at different heights. Enter the heights in descending order e.g. a 16 cubed multi depth box would have Length = 16, Width = 16 and Height = 16,14,12,10

Once all changes have been made please save or cancel


Fragile setting, when packing a fragile item, leave a buffer of 2 inches on all 4 sides, e.g. a 4x4x4 fragile packing will require an 8x8x8 box.

When joining boxes what the minimum overlap is allowed, this will determine the boxes to be used

Margin, this can be a very important setting. This determines the maximum allowed differential between the largest item dimension and box sizes to be made available

You can set different margins for different ranges

  1. STEP 1 - Measure your item - Enter the dimensions of the item    Length x Width x Height
  2. STEP 2 - isimSoftware Box Optimization Software - View all possible solutions, hit Next to see next option or go back to a Previous one.
  3. STEP 3 - Pick Your Solution - Select your solution.

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30 days moneyback.


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Instant delivery

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You get to use the app forever. This is a one-time purchase that includes one year of free upgrades. 

Recoverable keys

If you ever lose your license key or your download password, we will provide a new one free of charge


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Based on your ideas, we make a application for you, fully customized according to your needs. 

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You will get all source files after buy source code 


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