isimSoftware Dental Practice Management Software

isimSoftware Dental Practice Management Software

isimSoftware Dental Practice Management Software


isimSoftware Dental Practice Management Software is a comprehensive, easy to use and practical tool for dental clinics and dentists. Dentistry work and treatment processes, patient and patient processes can all be managed and monitored efficiently and quickly through isimSoftware Dental Practice Management Software.


Minimum SQL requirements

The following versions of Microsoft SQL Server database are supported for software installations:
Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012 (32 bit and 64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2012 (32 bit and 64 bit) or Higher



You can enter all the details of your patients in detail and see them at any time.

You can follow all patient information.

You can add personal photos of the patient.

You can enter the blood group information of the patient.

You can enter the private notes of the patient. You can enter the e-mail address.

You can list by criteria

You can list the status of your patients according to the criteria you want, you can get information.

You can see the list of patients (name, surname, condition, blood group, birthplace, date of home phone, tax office, etc.).

For example, if you want to list your patients according to their addresses, just select the address option in the patient lists screen.


In the anamnesis section, you can keep the patient's pre-existing illnesses with ongoing illnesses and other important notes about the patient.



In the prescription section, you can follow the medication and usage patterns given to the patient, prescribe the patient and follow them.


Today, the use of simple and economic ways such as e-mail and SMS, which are used as alternative means of communication, has become widespread. Using this technology, you can send SMS or e-mail from your existing bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and make the necessary reminders. You can send celebration messages to your patients on Christmas, holidays and special occasions.


When the treatment is selected for your patients, the examination fee is automatically processed to the patient's balance. You can easily track your accounts using our debt, credit screen. Billing and installment transactions can do.


You can use the camera in our program. During the examination, you can take pictures of the patient's mouth and store them. You can make changes and play to the extent the Paint program is integrated into the program.


With the appointment book, you can follow your appointments with the patients. You can see the timeframe allocated for the appointment on the screen, and you can schedule your schedule without conflicting with another appointment. In our program, you can follow your prospective appointments and see them easily from the screen. You can take images from RVG devices and save panoramic images.


You can input more than one doctor. You can keep multiple doctor records separately at the same time.


isimSoftware Dental Practice Management Software has a personal organizer for doctors.

Physicians may follow the daily schedule of the patient outside of the patient appointments.

It doesn't challenge personal appointments and patient appointments (thanks to the alerting calendar).

It can also make private address entries other than patients. Students can follow the information about their personal program, can list according to the criteria, can take their reports.

 Panoramic video recording, laboratory operations compatible with RVG devices can be requested.

The treatment section of isimSoftware Dental Practice Management Software, where you can follow the interventions to the patients, is grouped under 3 main headings.

DIAGNOSIS: In the Diagnosis section, the steps of the intervention before the intervention to the patient are determined. After selecting the intervention to be made, the top of the corresponding tooth is selected, the tooth takes the form of the intervention to be made. The actions to be performed are listed automatically under the date heading.

PLANNING: In the planning section, the final arrangements are made before the treatment and the intervention to the patient is made ready in this section. Applications can be directly transferred to treatment. The actions to be performed are listed automatically under the date heading.

TREATMENT: In the treatment section, after the intervention is done, the prices of the intervention come automatically. We can see the patient's balance on this screen.

With the isimSoftware Dental Practice Management Software, which is produced as a result of intensive labor for the dentists to make their work more comfortable, you can set up your appointments, photo identification information can be kept, you can remind our patients by e-mail or SMS. In addition, with all kinds of camera support, you can save your patients' tooth pictures and make corrections on the pictures.