isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software

Game Consoles Billing Software

isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software Everything you need to meet all the needs of your game cafes and reduce your workload is available in this program.


isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software

Everything you need to meet all the needs of your game cafes and reduce your workload is available in this program.
Game Consoles Billing Software is a program for you to reduce your workload, work more regularly on your consoles and keep your business running.
Game Consoles Billing Software Playstation is an application designed to meet the needs of your infrastructure for all your needs as account, addition, machine, working system in your cafes.
If you want to manage your business in a stable way Game Consoles Billing Software is for you.


What does it do?

Program + You can control your televisions with the device, automatic opening and closing.
7/24 Support.
You can secure your accounts with instant response through online support (RDP)!


How does it work?

The program (optional) allows you to connect your TVs to the computer and operate immediately.



Cashier Operations.
You can define an unlimited number of machines, open accounts, timed accounts, scheduled accounts, account pauses, addition operations, debtor list and many more.

Reports and Logging.
You can get daily and date range account reports, and even access information about when the space is opened with all transactions recorded!

Authorization and Security.
You can define different users, restrict users' privileges, and track who is doing what. With the advanced encryption infrastructure, your information is safely stored.

Installation Steps 

Running the Program (ADMIN authorization required for database access)

Program Settings

Use of the Program

Company Registration and Download page to download the download file.

The program should be opened in administrator mode.

The first opening user name of the program is: admin - Password: admin.

Run the program in admin mode because the program will perform database operations at startup.

When running in Admin mode, the screen will appear and go to the DOS screen for a few seconds.

Verify that database operations are complete

Steps to check if database operations are complete:

Cafe Settings

Number of Tables: Number of tables in the cafe

Tag: The pre-tag value of the tables that will appear on the program screen. 

Shortest Time: The default value of how long the table can be opened. 

Minimum Amount: Minimum amount that can be taken from the open account opened table. 

Rounding: The value of the table that will be increased upwards. Eg 9,18 $ account is shown as 9,25 $. 

Device Status: Status status related to whether this device will be used by the program if there is any in our device. 

Tariff Settings 

You can add multiple tariffs to your cage and assign at least one of these tariffs as the default.

Table opening operations in the general operation of the program continues through the default tariff. You can trade through different tariffs by opening a scheduled table. 

Selected Value: Sets the default tariff option. 

Administrator Settings 

You can define the information of the user to login to the program and authorize the user.

Change On Time: Allows open tables to change the start time. 

Admin Account: You can allow the defined user to access the general settings of the program. Give this authorization to at least one user. 

Database Settings 

Do not change this area for the functionality of the program. This section provides information about the configuration of the program.

  • Represents closed tables.
  • Symbolize tables that have been opened for the last 5 minutes. 
  • Timed tables. 
  • Symbolizes the tables opened indefinitely. 
  • Represents changing the start time of the open table. 
  • Represents the location of the program's general settings. 
  • Represents the area where you can keep your customers' debt list. 
  • Symbolizes the area where you can take notes about your cage. 
  • Symbolizes the area where you can find the turnover and operations of your cage. 
  • Represents the area where you can find the last 50 operations on the program.

Free support

Unlimited lifetime technical support 

Free upgrades

Free version upgrades within one year.


30 days moneyback.


Customize product as per your need

Instant delivery

Registration keys and passwords are delivered instantly to your e-mail after payment submission. 

Perpetual license

You get to use the app forever. This is a one-time purchase that includes one year of free upgrades. 

Recoverable keys

If you ever lose your license key or your download password, we will provide a new one free of charge


simple & easy to use interface


Ready to use software for all business size

Free trial

Free trial, no registration
get started quickly


Easy to install & simple to manage


Global clients in 30+ countries

$ 99

30 Day Free Trial

Download the free 30 day trial of Software. If you decide to purchase, you can enter your activation key to activate it.

$ 99


Based on your ideas, we make a application for you, fully customized according to your needs. 

$ 499

Source Code

You will get all source files after buy source code 


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