Our Company is a fast-growing technology leading company in selling or writing new programs that will fall in line.
• To develop and advance projects based on the reach of our competitor’s subsequent policy. Our customers the best after-sales service and software , just in time to give regularly and continuously , aiming at customer satisfaction endless , services and software’s planned , with a team of qualified and constantly evolving to provide the most economical way to give ,
• All employees and interested parties, with the help of the necessary information and training they are, endanger the health and safety of other employees and visitors to foster an as their primary duty,
•All activities related to the scope of the risk assessment of potentially dangerous situations and behaviors to establish the culture in a systematic way,
•Our activities comply with all relevant local and national laws and regulations, we are committed to.

To achieve sustainable success and development of human resources to eliminate all obstacles to the system and processes are constantly reviewing, revising, and all developments in this area needs to be followed. Policy in the field of business management, “a principle or set of principles that guide management decision making “means. These principles will guide management activities and their respective claims decisions, creates an overall plan to achieve the goals set. To further strengthen the existing corporate identity in line with the definitions and policies created to codify the business and operations;

Information Security Policy
•Information Security Management System with the requirements of information confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets in our company in order to comply with the principles defined and identified risks , risk management methodology including risk control measures for the company , customers and suppliers can be applied to make a continuous ,
•Information on our company and our customers, availability of competent authorities and persons, to protect the integrity and confidentiality of
•Information Security within the scope of the work forces, quality, performance, and enhance the competitiveness of the standard and to ensure compliance with government regulations
• ISMS ‘ the existence of internal and external audits to control, monitor , review and make it compatible with the system constantly , continuously improve

OHSAS 18001
One of the most important human resources issues in business , not have sufficient employees a safe and healthy working environment . Businesses in order to achieve better competitive conditions in the health and safety of employees required to carry out planned and systematic studies.

OHSAS 18001 health and work safety of products and services is a standard for the safety of the employee.

ISO 9001
Organization’s products or services related to ISO 9001 Certification is an internationally recognized management system in accordance with the concept of management and administration as a result of the management of the organization’s products and services set forth and thus determines the quality assurance of the continuity will be provided.
•The development of the concept of quality in the organization ,
•Abdominal , increase productivity and market share ,
•An effective management ,
•Cost reduction ,
•Employee satisfaction ,
•Improvement of communication within the organization ,
•Wide monitoring and control all activities ,
•Refunds are reduced ,
•Reduction in customer complaints ,
•Providing increased satisfaction
•A management system model can be applied to the national and international level .

Asset Management Policy
•In order to meet the organization’s strategic objectives and the central management of projects and programs that ensure the effective grouping
•The organization of programs across the entire project to be established in the present and in line with the strategic objectives and the prioritization of programs
•Organization of the existing portfolio of investments in the correct and effective management of the portfolios is likely to reveal
•Effective use of organizational resources, portfolios

Project Management Policy
The organization of production , support, sales , administrative and financial processes within the scope of all projects in the
•Strong Matrix Organization to work according to the structure
•Effective management of projects in a centralized manner by competent sources
•The organization of project managers in the office to be assigned to each project in the selection and provision of the necessary criteria
•Resources by considering the organizational level , the public and ensuring the efficient use
•Status of all projects taking place across the organization presented to senior management on a consolidated basis
•Effective implementation of the organization’s standard definition , and the continuous improvement of the Project Management Process
•Organization of a project in the current state of each of the systems needed to be followed up by senior management to create

Corporate Training Policy
•Identify issues of training and development is needed, organize, and analyze the effects on the labor practices feedbacks
•To meet the needs of personnel of the authority
•Long- term, take on an important role in human resources to achieve corporate goals, and therefore believe the emphasis on workforce training and development are considered.

Process Management Policy
•Organization found throughout all the processes to be defined and established
•Process Improvement project, the logic of the work to be addressed
•Benefit from the organization’s corporate process assets are determined and the provision of personnel
•The creation of teams and work within the framework of specific rules
•The organization’s standard operating environment to be defined
•Enterprise Project Life cycles have been determined

Testing Policy
•The emergence of possible errors on the product are determined in advance, providing time and cost savings in advance
•Before starting up the quality of products and the supervision of compliance scenarios
•Finalization of the tests specified quality criteria provided
•Analysis of test results

Measurement and Analysis Policy
•Organization of all the processes that will be created in the defined measurement metrics and measurement in
•The information needs of senior management and other units determined by measurements in detail, providing an objective and concrete
•The creation of the organization’s institutional memory and to shed light on the activities of the organization’s future
•Information across the organization to meet the needs of data collection, storage and analysis methods is carried out according to certain rules.

Risk Management Policy
•Prevention of problems with the performance, cost and work schedule to reach the targets set
•Identifying the root causes of risks and prevention work to gain
•Completion of the risks and be categorized
•The creation of the Risk Management strategy
•Risk monitoring and control

Product Integration Policy
•Ensure that the product provides the expected functionality and quality to begin integrations
•Planning phase integration strategy, the creation of procedures and criteria for
•Integration verification is to be ready
•The realization of integrations
•The introduction of the product into a package and is delivered.