The utmost prominent reason why our projects are flawless and uninterrupted is that we take the full responsibility to manage the projects. isimsoftware prepares a project for every service it provides, it publishes the accurate content at the right time. "We aim to facilitate the life cycle of companies with the applications we have developed...". isimsoftware aims to create a benefit in every application, and the applications are running, tested and approved when the applications go live. We have been developing advanced, reliable and appropriate software applications on the internet, using available technology, since 2011 in line with our objective of software development. isimsoftware offered the following advantages to its clients:

• A strong infrastructure,
• An extendable platform,
• High visitor numbers,
• High efficiency

 Thus, by considering high efficiency and criteria that would yield benefit, EMFA developed applications, which survive under all conditions. isimsoftware has always implemented innovative, unique infrastructures and optimally serviceable projects and activities in order to keep up with changing and evolving technology.

 Software projects are usually carried out using the Agile Software Development approach and the most appropriate software development method for the project, following these simple steps:

• Analysis and Documentation

• Architectural Analysis and Technical Documentation

• Design

• Interface Application

• Software Application

• Test

• Beta Release and Test Release

 The following roles are involved in all our software projects:

• Interface Developers

• Project Managers

• Designers

• Test Specialists

• Software Architecture

• Software Specialists

• Database Specialists

 isimsoftware  also OUTSOURCE its staff to the institutions and organizations.