Database Services

Consulting and Development of your SQL Server
Establish a strong SQL Server database foundation for maintaining enterprise-scale quality, security, and performance.

25 Years of SQL Server Database Development & Consulting Knowledge
isimSoftware consulting and development SQL database knowledge and experience date back to the Clipper, FoxPro and DBase days — when many of the capabilities and techniques our SQL database developers use today to address our clients’ business needs were simply unavailable or impractical. Our database developer team’s extensive experience with database design and SQL Programming implementation informs every recommendation we make to clients, and enables us to provide our clients with solid, cost-effective solutions with tangible results.

SQL Server Design and Development Services
We offer a number of specialized SQL Server development services that span database design, development, optimization, troubleshooting, audits, and ongoing maintenance and support. Our SQL developers will listen to your business needs and concerns, evaluate your existing SQL Server database(s), and recommend SQL programming services and an approach that is appropriate to your priorities.

isimSoftware provides custom SQL Server analysis, design, and development services for SQL Server. Today’s distributed business demands a different kind of SQL Database solution. Performance, scalability, and reliability are essential. Cost and time-to-market are always critical. Our experts SQL Server development services can help you establish a strong SQL Server database foundation for maintaining enterprise-scale quality, security, and performance. Properly developed, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012 provide robust data modeling, data management, and business analysis capabilities that allow your organization to support efficient operations and adapt quickly to evolving business needs.

SQL Server Performance Audit and Monitoring — Tuning The SQL Schema, Queries, and Indexes for Optimal Performance
In our experience, the single, largest factor to SQL Server performance, reliability, data integrity, security, and the ability to generate the types of reports and data analytics that are necessary to drive business decisions, is the underlying SQL Server database design. Our SQL Server developers will help you identify deficiencies with your SQL database design and implementation that impact important areas of your business — and the effort required to maintain and develop your SQL database cost-effectively over time. Our SQL developers have in-depth knowledge and experience with a wide variety of transactional and reporting SQL designs, and can provide you with a detailed understanding of SQL design and development issues that most often impede business needs.

If you already have a Microsoft SQL Server database solution up and running, but are experiencing poor reliability or performance, or higher costs required to maintain and extend the system, our SQL Server developers can help you discover the root causes of these issues, and provide solutions sets that meet your immediate and longer-term business needs. We can help you avoid spending money on efforts that provide marginal returns, and focus your investments on core design and development methods that establish a strong and extensible SQL Server foundation. Learn more about our standard SQL Server Engineering Audit service.

SQL Server Proof-of-Concept Application Prototyping Service
Absent a well-designed application interface that is optimized for efficient data management functions, having a perfectly designed SQL Server database does not offer much value to your business. isimSoftware provides prototype application design and development services with SQL Server data structures that allow you to test and validate the SQL Server solution — to mitigate technical risks, accelerate the formation of a project team, and determine the most cost-effective approach to building out the system in a manner that is well-aligned with your business needs and priorities — all before the development of the business database begins.

Our prototypes are fast and inexpensive; they reflect the high quality of our SQL Developer’s design and SQL programming techniques, and they provide the confidence that the project is on the right track, properly scoped, and within reliable budget and schedule estimates. Application prototypes provide a source code to drive the development phase. Learn more about our SQL Server Prototype Application Design Service.

Custom Database Development
Custom Database Design Application Development
Custom database development & design backed by decades of success.
Custom Database Development & Design Backed by Decades of Success
Low-Cost, Low-Risk, High-Clarity Solutions Made Possible by State-Of-The-Art Prototyping.

When It Comes To Designing Business Software Applications, Most Business Owners Are Making Costly Mistakes.
Have costly projects that are failing
Are held back by sluggish, glitchy applications
Get complaints about your software from your team
Have been let down by past consultants
Can’t get your needs, solution, and budget in alignment
Are at wit’s end trying to find the best-fit solutions
If You’ve Been Locked Into A Rigid Development Plan, Felt Held Back By A Cookie-Cutter Solution, Or Lacked The Direction And Confidence Needed To Build The Best Applications Possible, You Deserve Better.
That’s why for over 30 years, we’ve helped hundreds of companies overcome the same problems you’re tired of facing. We’re laser-focused on helping you succeed on your terms and adaptive enough to help you if things go wrong, so you never have to worry about being let down again.

Ready to finally bring your application to life without the headaches?

Why Choose isimSoftware For Your Software Application Consulting?
We work with you one-on-one to get a clear picture of your needs

Our evaluation process lets us find the most sensible & cost-effective approach

Our committed team of senior developers guides you to success

Migration to SQL Server
MS Access to SQL Server
Excel to MS Access
Excel to SQL Server

Migration to SQL
What are the benefits of migrating to a SQL server?

Better performance
User-friendly interfaces
Fewer crashes
Only selective people gain access

Your Business Deserves The Best Performance
Basic excel sheets are too loaded with data and formulas, compromising not only speed but also accuracy. Accessing data from an SQL Database is faster because the database can be divided into several tables that can be linked together with relationships.

Slow systems invite crashes, data loss, and frustration. An SQL Database is designed with user-friendliness in mind.

MDB formats are obsolete now due to limited data management. As you can not exceed the limit of 2GB.

Unlock A New World Of Improved Features
SQL provides more features than other databases, such as full-text search and reporting. Security features allow you to control who can access the database and what they can do with the data.

SQL Server provides security at various levels to prevent unauthorized access to the database. There is multi-level access to users depending upon their level. Because of bad programming practices, faulty hardware, or external causes such as network outages, there are always data corruption risks in Microsoft Access.

SQL Servers ensure data integrity and help prevent data loss with their various features.

How Can isimSoftware Help?
Whether you want to migrate from MS Access to SQL Server or to SQL express, the first step is always the same: analyze your needs.

isimSoftware experts will take a close look at your current setup and requirements to make an informed decision about which database would be the best for you. We will also provide you with a complete migration plan and support you every step of the way.

Ms Access to SQL Server Conversion Consulting
Expert-Assisted Migration of an Access Database to SQL Server.

Have you encountered any of the following issues with Ms Access?

Crashing Tabs or Slow performance
Database size exceeding its limit
Complicated Workflows
Crashes and corrupted data
Compliance issues

A SQL Solution
IT departments are searching for straightforward methods to integrate and migrate their present Microsoft Office (Ms) Access programs due to the need to handle more complicated database applications and a growing user base.

With better performance, flexibility, availability, privacy, consistency, and recoverability using Microsoft SQL Server, Practical Computer Applications (isimSoftware) can assist your IT team in seizing new business opportunities.

To help you achieve the efficiency, scale, and safety of mission-critical apps you want, our consultants can assist you in migrating your Microsoft Access workloads to SQL Server. Our Ms Access to SQL Server Conversion Consulting services will assist you in making the most of your current Microsoft Access investment while utilizing all of SQL Server’s advantages.

Access To SQL Server Process
Before beginning the migration of Microsoft Access to SQL Server, we analyze a number of factors depending on the version of Access.

The first step in this custom database application development and consulting service is determining which Access features Microsoft Access makes use of. We also check to see if the Access databases are divided into “front end” and “back end” pairs. The next step is to determine whether your Access database makes use of Access Reports, VBA Modules, and Access Forms. You will have to duplicate their functionality somewhere in this scenario. isimSoftware will use substitute tools here that all provide superior reporting features and graphics for Access reports.
Second, the code in the Access forms and VBA modules are examined prior to scaling the “back end” code, based on the target version of the Server in SQL. Aiming for SQL Stored Processes, User Defined Actions, or other SQL Server Database items, the module code should be modified. The evaluation will need to pinpoint Access data classes and their SQL Server equivalents that might not be supported.
Third, we look for dependencies on other datasets or data sources within the Access program. OLE DB and ODBC ports allow Access to integrate data from other datasets via linked tables. We might therefore need to re-integrate the same sources of data in SQL Server based on the business needs. To complete this work, we will either employ ETL tools or Linked Servers.

SQL Server Optimization
You should have a solid awareness of your database workload, including any performance metrics and the frequency of strong loads, prior to the conversion. The ability to replay a load, such as using a distributed replay controller or your own load harness, is essential for an accurate comparison.

Once your new technology is put under load, you can assess it by keeping an eye on IO operations load, memory, CPU, and network traffic. You can assess whether your technology is the right size by keeping track when the system is under stress. You can profile your current environment with the help of isimSoftware consultants, and then compare your migration to that profile.

SQL Server Consulting Made Simple
By implementing our best practices, we can make your Access Application better and prevent the need to switch platforms. The Access application may survive longer as a result of resolving efficiency, multiuser, systems management, and maintenance support challenges.

If necessary, we can keep the front-end Access database with all of its forms, analytics, and code logic while migrating the data from an Access / Jet database to SQL Server. This preserves your current investments—particularly analytics, business requirements, and VBA automation code—while utilizing all the advantages of SQL Server data storage.

We can develop a hybrid system with a public web application for users from the outside world and an internal Access program for users from the inside to share the very same data after moving it to SQL Server in the cloud. Additionally, this can be integrated with Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other windows programs.

We can utilize Microsoft SQL Azure to move your data to the cloud at a satisfyingly minimal cost for Microsoft. Then, we can preserve your Access solution for internal use while extending the application with a.NET solution placed on an Azure App Service Plan.

Ms Access Consulting
Have you encountered any of the following issues with MS Access?

Crashing tabs or slow performance
Database size exceeding its limit
Complicated workflows
Crashes and corrupted data
Compliance issues

isimSoftware Can Help And How.
isimSoftware migration services for MS Access to the industry-standard MS SQL Server can address any or all of these issues. As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Solutions Provider, isimSoftware has MS Access Consultants on staff who are experts. Building custom MS Access database business solutions is part of our extensive experience with MS Access.

In addition to designing data-rich Microsoft Access applications with easy-to-use user interfaces, our Access Programmers optimize reliability, performance, and data integrity to make them work seamlessly.

Here are some ways this process could help address these issues.

Import Excel Data Into MS Access Databases
Excel’s strengths — low cost, ease of use, and flexibility — have become its liabilities. Consolidating spreadsheet versions, moving data between Excel and MS Access databases, copy / paste errors, repairing errors, etc., are all too common challenges. You should convert Excel and import Excel data to an Access database as soon as you see them.

How can isimSoftware help?
With the help of isimSoftware Access Database Applications, we import data from Excel and give businesses data integrity and usability at a higher level. With a multi-user Excel database application, it is challenging to maintain a steady information flow and eliminate mid-stage costs. Data can be imported or exported from Excel to Access while preserving the Excel Data model. isimSoftware can also develop routines that export data from Access to Excel automatically. It solves data integrity issues instantly and improves speed significantly.

MS Access Front-End Interface
Next, the MS Access front-end needs to be converted to an appropriate web / mobile application or .NET Smart Client interface. Compared to the first phase, this phase requires much more time and effort but is far more efficient, functional, scalable, and extensible. You can thus improve your data tools in every aspect and prevent costly problems down the road.

Robust Internet Connectivity
It’s not a good idea to expose MS Access applications to the Internet. It is possible to internet an MS Access application (Citrix or VPN with Remote Desktop are common techniques), but they are slow and expensive to build and maintain and only add more multi-user load to the application.

How can isimSoftware help?
isimSoftware can migrate your Access application to SQL Server and the .NET Framework using our migration services. No matter where you are in the world, these tools are specifically made to work with the internet responsive user experience.

There are only two ways to protect MS Excel and MS Access: a password and the operating system itself. Cyberthreats continue to become more prevalent than ever before, meaning that these two things are not sufficient

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, isimSoftware has more than 30 years of experience tackling security problems and securely protecting data using SQL Server and the .NET stack. It doesn’t matter what size your company is; we can protect your data and systems with our technology stack.

Advantages of Migrating Excel to SQL
Excel is highly versatile; however, it can lead to data corruption and slow processing speed.

In some cases, Excel may produce multiple errors, particularly when versions of the same document are emailed. The result would be the utterly inaccurate storage of data. Clerical mistakes easily slip by, leaving millions at risk.

Looking For Better Data Integrity?
Efficient Collaboration
The biggest strength of Excel is its flexibility. However, this flexibility also allows user errors to accumulate, especially if users are incorrectly sharing documents. This problem can lead to massive inaccuracies in stored data.

For some of our clients, the difference has amounted to millions of dollars.

How can isimSoftware help?
For most clients, isimSoftware recommends moving data to a dedicated, robust database. Teammates have access to the same data stored in a structure that stipulates accuracy.

isimSoftware can help you find the right platform, set it up, instruct users on navigation, and advise on best practices.

Want To Increase Data Processing Speed And Efficiency?
Faster Large Data Sets
If you work with Excel, you know the pain of a spreadsheet that grinds to a halt every time you click or scroll through the file. You may have even reached the point where the file will crash entirely. Sophisticated formulas usually cause these slowdowns and crashes.

Even though Excel can technically handle a million rows of data, the limit is much smaller if you make the most of Excel’s data tools.

How can isimSoftware help?
isimSoftware can convert your formulas in excel into lightning-fast code stored in a robust custom database that will produce the same or better data visualization in a fraction of the time it would take for your team to view all your spreadsheets being passed around over email.

Many isimSoftware clients see more than a 20x speed increase when moving off Excel spreadsheets.

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