isimSoftware Active Directory Photo Editor

isimSoftware Active Directory Photo Editor

AD Photo Editor makes it easy to manage photos in Active Directory. It enables you to save photos and use them with a range of applications including Outlook emails and contacts, global address lists, SharePoint, Lync and Skype for Business. The Free version allows you to quickly find and edit photos while the Pro version also enables you to import and export large numbers of photos. AD Photo Editor is quick and simple to use whatever your level of expertise and makes your photo management more effective and efficient.

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AD Photo Editor

Easily manage user photos in Active Directory

AD Photo Editor allows you to upload user and contact photos in the Active Directory. Photos can be saved in thumbnailPhoto or jpegPhoto attributes from where they can then be used with Outlook emails, Outlook contacts, Global Address Lists, SharePoint, Lync, Skype for Business and other third-party applications. The Free version allows you to quickly find accounts and edit photos while the Pro version also makes it easy to import and export large numbers of photos.

Edit single user

Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Find the user or contact account that you want to edit.

2. Load a new photo or edit the current photo.

3. Press ‘Save to Active Directory’ and it’s all finished.

Edit multiple users at once

Follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Plan how you want to link photos with either user or contact accounts.

2. Depending on the option selected above, use the photos to prepare import file or import folder.

3. Select import source, search options and photo options.

4. Press ‘Import’ and it’s all finished.

Easy and fast

 Easy-to-use interface

The interface is easy to use so you don’t need to be an expert.

 Range of configuration options

Select which option you want to use for reading and writing photos. Add additional custom attributes for user searching and import account linking.

 Edit photos before uploading

change dimensions (maintaining aspect ratio)


change quality (for JPEG photos only)

add text watermarks

Search and link options

 Find or import a photo using the following built-in fields:

common name (cn),

username (sAMAccountName),

ambiguous name resolution (anr),

email address (mail),

employee ID (employeeID),

or add additional custom attributes

 Filter only accounts with or without photos

 Exclude disabled accounts

 Limit search to specific containers

Key features

Find accounts

Find accounts quickly and easily using a range of filters:

Object type (user or contact).

Show all accounts, or only show accounts with/without photos.

Search in the entire domain or specific containers.

Search by common name, username, email, employee id or custom attribute.

Import multiple photos

Import and link photos with accounts using the CSV file with the account identifier and photo path mapping.

Alternatively, use the photo file name as account identifier.

Configure the account link attribute using built-in attributes or your custom attributes.

Specify import photo pre-import processing options if needed.

Export photos

Export photos from Active Directory containers to your specified directory.

Edit photos

Change photo dimensions while maintaining aspect ratio.

Rotate and change quality for JPEG photos to meet size limit restrictions.

Add your company custom watermark.

Customization options

Change which attribute will be used for photo manipulations (thumbnailPhoto or jpegPhoto).

Set photo size limitations to avoid accidentally uploading bigger photos.

Add custom attributes for account searching and linking.

Connection options

Select the domain you want from the list of available domains.

Use your current user or set alternative credentials for searching and saving photo attributes.

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