isimSoftware LinkedIn Profile Search Tool

isimSoftware LinkedIn Profile Search Tool

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isimSoftware LinkedIn Profile Search Tool
X-ray search to find publicly available profiles on LinkedIn, helping recruiters identify right candidates. LinkedIn Profile Search is an innovative tool that goes beyond basic keyword search. Utilize the full might of Boolean logic and X-ray search to craft precise queries that zero in on your ideal candidates based on skills, experience, location, and more. The tool dives deep into the vast pool of publicly available LinkedIn profiles, unearthing skilled professionals who might not actively be seeking new opportunities.

*Proactively identify passive talent before your competitors do!. Introducing LinkedIn Profile X-ray Search Tool, the social media recruiting software that revolutionizes candidate sourcing. Whether you’re filling a niche role or building your leadership team, this innovative tool acts as a powerful resume parser for all public LinkedIn profiles online. Gone are the days of crafting and tweaking multiple search strings. LinkedIn Profile Scraper’s intuitive design lets you build comprehensive searches once and instantly find relevant resume data – designation, employer, location, and skills summary – all in one tab. By slashing the time spent on resume sourcing, LinkedIn Profile Sourcing Tool frees you to focus on what matters most: building meaningful connections with your top candidates. And the cherry on top? This app also doubles as an email address finder and verifier, saving you even more time in the talent hunt. Forget outdated methods and embrace the power of intelligent sourcing. With the LinkedIn Profile Search Tool, you’ll never miss a qualified candidate again.

LinkedIn Profiles Search
Find LinkedIn profiles and resumes instantly using automated search.

Boolean Search String
Create multiple boolean search strings for a single JD.

Email Verifier For Profiles
Find email addresses from Linkedin profiles with email finder.

In-App Profile Browser
View all resumes in the App itself.

Single App for everything
Single screen for resume sourcing, listing and complete view of candidate profile.

File Saving Options
Save search results data as .csv, excel or .txt file.

Why Should You Choose LinkedIn Profile Search Tool?
Single Screen User Interface
Easy to use interface , needs no learning curve.

Online Resume Database
Get access to complete database of online resumes.

Niche Hiring
Works exceptionally great for niche profiles and leadership hiring.

Value for Money
It offers an unmatched value proposition in terms of affordability and usefulness.

Fast and Accurate
It lands emails in recicipents inboxes increasing campaign success rate.

Updates & Support
Free software upgrade and exclusive
support for licensed users.

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