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Outlook Email Address Extractor Software Extracts Email Addresses From Microsoft Outlook And MS Outlook .PST Files. It Also Extracts Email Addresses From Outlook Express And Outlook Express (.DBX) Files.

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The Outlook Email Address Extractor Software efficiently retrieves email addresses from Microsoft Outlook, including MS Outlook .PST files, and also from Outlook Express and its .DBX files.

Covering all personal folders within MS Outlook Profiles—Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Deleted Items, Outbox, Journal, Tasks—it swiftly extracts email addresses from these sources. This tool operates at a rapid pace, enabling quick extraction from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, .PST, and .DBX files. The extracted email addresses can be conveniently saved in CSV (compatible with Excel) or TXT files.

Key Features

  • Extracts email addresses from Microsoft Outlook & .PST files.
  • Extracts email addresses from Outlook Express & .DBX files.
  • Outlook N Outlook Express Email Extractor is a very fast Email Extractor
  • Extracts email addresses from personal folders of MS Outlook & .PST files
  • Outlook N Outlook Express Email Extractor saves extracted email addresses in TXT/CSV (EXCEL) files.
  • It can extract 10000’s of emails in minutes.
  • Outlook N Outlook Express Email Extractor is easy to use and cheapest email extractor available on internet.
  • It can extract emails from more than one profile.

How It Works

How it works :

  • This software requires Microsoft Outlook configured on the computer When you run this software.
  • Select a User from prompted dialog (IF prompt for select user).
  • Mail Folders will be displayed in left panel of the software. here you can select/ unselect folders from you want to extract emails.
  • Click on “Start Extracting Emails” button, this populate all extracted emails from selected Email Folders.
  • Change TAB “Outlook Express Email Extractor” to extract emails from Outlook Express or .DBX files. Add .DBX files in files list and click on “Start Extracting Emails”.

Q 1 . How to Signup and Login?
To Improve user Experience and Security we Introduce in our Software.
Q 2 . How to Activate License?
After Login you can Activate your license. The License will Assigned on the Email and always will work with that email.You can’t assign license to other email after activation.

Step 1: Visit Help Menu and Select Activate

Step 2: Enter the License Key then Click on Activate Button

Q 2 . How to select a Profile & Extract Email Addresses From MS Outlook?
When you run the software, it will ask you to choose a profile in Microsoft Outlook.
Select a profile and click “Ok” button.
It will fill all available folders and sub-folders in left panel automatically. in Left panel you can check/uncheck folders from you want to extract emails.

Q.3. How to Add PST Files to Profile?
Add .PST Files to the Profiles:

You can add Microsoft Outlook (.PST) files by just click “Add PST Files” button windows like above.
Select .PST files from the location on harddrive and click “Ok”.
Selected .PST files will be added to the currently selected profile. All folders from profile (with all newly added .pst files) would be updated in the tree control in left panel.
When you close the “Email Extractor Outlook N Express” the .pst files will be removed from the profile.

Choose\Change Microsoft Outlook Profile Settings:

Now if “Microsoft Outlook” has many profiles except than default profile. you can choose different profile by click “Choose Profile” button.
“Choose Profile” dialog will be shown like below. please close/save your microsoft outlook before “choose / change” other microsoft outlook profile (otherwise it will close all microsoft outlook explorer).
Select available profile from “Choose Profile” dialog box (as in figure 1.2) and click “Ok” button.

Q.4. How to Select Default Outlook Express (.DBX) Files & Add other .dbx files?
Click “Outlook Express (DBX) Email Extractor” tab.

Click “Outlook Express (DBX) Email Extractor” tab.
When you run the software, it will fill all available default Outlook Express (.DBX) files in files list.
You can add Outlook Express (.dbx) files by click “Add .DBX Files” button.
You can remove selected or all Outlook Express (.DBX) files by click “Remove All” & by pressing “Delete” button from keyboard.
Please check the .DBX files in the files list from which you want to extract emails & un-check the .DBX files in the files list from which you don’t want to extract emails.
Finally Click “Extract Emails” button for extract emails from all selected files.

Q.5. How to change the Settings?
Click “Tools” menu-> “Options..”.

The dialog window will be shown like below. Here you can set default settings for the Email Extractor Outlook ‘N’ Express.
If you want to extract duplicate emails with unique emails, check the “Search Duplicate Email Addresses” option.
You can set “Search from HTML tags” for Microsoft Outlook (PST) files, it will allow to this tool for extract emails from HTML tags also.
In the default settings, you can set keywords for emails contains and not contains.
You can opt confirmation message will show every time on closing application or not.

Q.6. How to Filter Extracted Email Addresses?
Users can filter the email ids downloaded according to their settings in MS outlook and Outlook express.
You can also change the criteria of extracting email ids by going into settings and making changes in the options given.
The user can make changes and click on the option “Apply” to save the changes.
Now the IDs which you will receive on your screen are filtered.

Q.7. How to Save Extracted Email Addresses?
User can also choose option to save the data.
When you will click on the option save emails you will get options to save the Email Addresses in different formats.
User can save the data either in .CSV format (Excel) or in .TXT format (Notepad).

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