isimSoftware Asset Organizer

isimSoftware Asset Organizer

Asset Organizer Software Track fixed assets and check in / check out process.

isimSoftware Asset Organizer is  simple and efficient software to asset management.

Personal License Price: 59$ – Click here to buy this software

isimSoftware Asset Organizer is an easy-to-use database for tracking company asset records. The interface provides a familiar “Microsoft Outlook” look-and-feel that many users are already comfortable with.

isimSoftware Asset Organizer provides a central repository for storing and retrieving your asset records, allowing you to quickly look up information about a specific asset or group of assets. Check-in or check-out assets to personnel by scanning the barcode to bring up the record right away. isimSoftware Asset Organizer is designed to work “out of the box” with very little configuration required. isimSoftware Asset Organizer is designed for use on a single workstation or allows multiple people to share and use the database at the same time.

isimSoftware Asset Organizer allows multiple people to share and use the database at the same time.

isimSoftware Asset Organizer is competitively priced and used around the world. A free trial version is available on the website and can be set up in minutes so you can try the full functionality of the software. 

Introduction to isimSoftware Asset Organizer 

To get started, asset information is entered into the database or imported from a spreadsheet. Assets can then be “checked-out” to personnel who are the “custodians” of the asset.

isimSoftware Asset Organizer can be used with or without a barcode reader. Without a barcode reader, isimSoftware Asset Organizer functions as a standard Asset Management database which allows the user to search for assets through the user interface.

Using a barcode reader however allows the user to quickly scan a barcode to open the asset record and check it in or out to an employee.

isimSoftware Asset Organizer works with all types of barcode readers that support keyboard emulation (most do) – these are the types of barcode readers that are hooked up to a computer and send keystrokes as if they were typed in. These barcode readers are sometimes referred to as “keyboard wedge” or just “wedge” type scanners.

isimSoftware Asset Organizer can be used to print barcode labels on standard label stock through Sheet Feed type printers such as laser or ink jet printers. A variety of built-in label templates are available, or you may define your own custom formats using the specifications of the label stock you will be using.  

  • Track asset information including a picture, description, brand, model, manufacturer, serial numbers and more.
  • Include file attachments and notes.
  • Check-in and check-out assets to personnel.
  • Print barcode labels on sheet feed printers.
  • Maintain an electronic service log.
  • Eliminate time wasted searching for and replacing lost or missing assets.
  • Keep track of who has an asset and when it is due for return.
  • Ensure all checked-out assets are accounted for when an employee leaves the company.
  • Maintain a central repository for service logs, manuals, and instructions
  • Track vendors and contacts.
  • An asset history is automatically maintained as assets are audited or checked in or out.
  • Reports allow you to print a list of all assets, checked out assets, or Overdue assets.
  • Asset Manager also includes a complete Personnel and Vendor database.
  • The database may be protected with a password to limit who may view or edit the records.

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