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isimSoftware Software FAQ

How to Provide Technical Services?

Technical Support Services are provided free of charge on-line and via telephone for 1 year from the invoice date. If you have any questions about our software products, you may write an e-mail to for a solution during the day. If you wish, you may send email for your questions. You can continue to receive the services by purchasing support packages after your Technical Support Service is expired. Software technical support service fee varies according to the license prices.

Can you explain the requirements of the hardware to install the programs?

After examining your existing hardware, the recommendations and suggestions are given by the technical staff according to the selected configuration for the company.

Do you provide integration services with different applications used in our company?

Our applications are already integrated with some applications. Since isimSoftware is a developer company, it can integrate with the applications other than the applications that are currently integrated, by preparing a project in line with your business requirements.

Can you make customer improvements in the software?

Apart from the package software developed in isimSoftware, special application development works can be realized in line with the qualifications of the project. The updates are included by evaluating all the development requests that can increase the functionality of the software in the institution and add a value to the software developed in accordance with your institution/organization requirements. isimSoftware aims to offer you the best with its engineering knowledge and experience that it has accumulated in the past while developing specific products in accordance with the special requirements of institutions/organizations.

Can we transfer the existing data to the software?

If the data you generate on applications you are currently using and data generated in MS Excel format match the fields in the database, data transfer can be provided directly Otherwise, data can be transferred in the application development projects, which are produced in the format evaluated within the scope of installation, training and consultancy services. Special transfers can be made in line with the requirements of the institution/organization, and transfer can be done quickly thanks to the database, which is specially developed for you.

How often are the softwares updated?

The corrections are updated throughout the year whenever necessary.

Can we use the version updates free?

For the applications developed by isimSoftware, the support and update service for 1 year is provided free of charge. At the end of one year, a maintenance agreement can be signed with the institutions/organizations that want to continue to benefit from our services. Thanks to this agreement, which may be annually renewed, the institutions/organizations can continue to benefit from all support and update services without paying an extra fee. The service fee applied for annual maintenance agreements is 15% of the license fee.

What is included in the maintenance agreement?

The maintenance agreements include all plug-ins, new modules, and all developments.

What is not included in the maintenance agreement?

Maintenance agreements do not include any kind of consultancy, training, and customization. The services provided by isimSoftware are charged separately on an hourly basis.

Are there different usage models apart from purchasing software licenses?

Software licenses can be purchased or provided by renting or software hosting. You may benefit from this service via servers that you may professionally rent a datacenter, which operates within isimSoftware.

How can I get the demo version of the software?

You can send your demo requests by sending an e-mail to The training support team about the application you request for the demo can contact the institution and perform application demonstration by visiting the institution/organization by setting the address, date and time to perform the demo.

Is it possible to return the purchased items?

isimSoftware, we provide the best service and product for you after determining the most suitable solution for you according to the presentations, demo presentations, requirements analysis and conclude your application’s process in this way. Since we choose the most suitable product to meets your demands and to provide you with the best solution possible, the return of the product is not possible.

How are the licenses of the software controlled?

Software licenses are controlled with the security keys that are specially generated for each project. With this key located on the server where the software is installed, the terminals are continuously controlling the licenses. Your security key is your license. If it is lost, the software license must be purchased again.

How do you provide the trainings for the software?

Our trainings for software are provided at the headquarters of the institution/organization, by our experienced trainers in their field, within the scope of consultancy and service package installation services.

Are there mobile apps for your software?

There are applications that can work on mobile operating systems for the use of our software on mobile devices. When the mobile applications are requested, a project is prepared for this kind of special requests.

Proof That We Serve Only the Best

Our testimonials, loyalty and the client reference represent the proof that we serve outstanding solutions. You can rely on our programs to find easy and fast solutions.

Try Before Pay

We offer a free demo version for each tool in our online store. We strongly recommend users to first download the trial version which is a replica of a licensed version to evaluate the proficiency beforehand.

Positive Clients Feedbacks

The programs of isimSoftware Software are appreciated every time for smooth performance and flexibility. Go through our testimonials to know what clients of us say about the software of

Quality of products

Unmatchable quality is maintained by us. Each utility is advance, user friendly and flexible to offer control at user’s hands. All programs of us have been gone through stringent quality test. Our Products

Licenses are available for lifetime

It means pay only one time to get license of the software. You can use the software unlimited times. There is no restriction to use the app.

24×7 Technical Supports

Experience the best customer support from isimSoftware Software. We have a panel of technical experts that guide you in easy and simple manner in case if you face any technical issue. We connect you instantly, not bounded with time. Free Tech Support

Affordable Prices to Get License

You pay moderate amount to get license of any our app. There is no extra charge to pay off. Each utility of us is available at attractive prices. You only pay for what you are getting.

Simplicity and Easy User Interface

isimSoftware Software offers the software that is advance yet user friendly. The wizard carries a few buttons to click and perform successful migration, repairing, merging or splitting. Our programs are highly interactive, needless technical support.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

To maintain the level of trust, offers a 30-day money back guarantee with its all programs. Our return policy is simple. There are a few guidelines that users need to follow to get the benefit of money back. We strongly suggest you to go through our money back policy to learn more.

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