isimSoftware Calculator Software

isimSoftware Calculator Software

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isimSoftware Calculator Software

Isimsoftware Calculator is a financial and geometric calculator. Basic math functions, financial calculations (Present Value, Future Value, IRR, periodic payments, irregular payment stream), trigonometric functions, unit conversions, etc. Virtual paper tape. 

Financial and geometric calculations, present value, discounting, IRR, etc.

Overview of Isimsoftware Calculator Financial Calculator

Isimsoftware Financial Calculator is a versatile and easy-to-use math and financial calculator with spread-sheet style input for cash flow analysis. The financial functions of the Isimsoftware financial calculator include: Net Present Value, NPV, Future Value, FV, Internal Rate of Return, IRR, payment amount, periods.

The calculator also includes trigonometric and geometric functions, as well as all basic math functions (add, deduct, divide, multiply, roots, power of exponent). The calculator features a roll-back, cut & paste, save and a ‘ paper tape ‘. This is an excellent all-purpose calculator.

Isimsoftware Calculator is compatible with the latest (and all recent) Windows operating systems.

  • Highlights of Isimsoftware Financial Calculator
  • Convert virtually any raster file formats
  • All basic math functions
  • All common financial functions
  • Present Value, Future Value, IRR, PMT, periods, etc.
  • Fixed and irregular cash flow
  • Spreadsheet-style entry of irregular cash flow
  • Annual, monthly, quarterly and daily compounding
  • Payments in arrears or in advance
  • Trigonometry, geometry
  • Conversions of international and legacy measurements
  • Roll-back
  • ‘Paper tape’
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Free for personal use

Financial calculator, Geometric calculator, Present value calculation, Future value calculation, Internal rate of return, IRR, PV, FV

The Isimsoftware Calculator software license is free for personal, educational and

small-business use.

The program is supplied without any warranties or guarantees. Always doublecheck

the calculations for correct input and correct computation.

For software update information and Frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) click on

the links shown in the Help menu.

Isimsoftware has seven (7) modules, each one accessible by clicking on the

corresponding tab:

  •  Basic Calculator
  •  Financial (PV, FV, IRR)
  •  Financial+ (Cash flow discounting)
  •  Geometry – Triangles (Right angles)
  •  Geometry – Triangles (Irregular)
  •  Geometry – Arcs
  •  Conversions of measurements, weights, volumes, etc.


The functions are generally user intuitive. Numbers and operations can be

entered on the screen or on the keyboard. Always check the results for


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