isimSoftware TeachBoard Voice & Handwriting Recording Software

isimSoftware TeachBoard Voice & Handwriting Recording Software

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TeachBoard Contents Creator

Instead of showing the instructor’s face on the screen, the instructor writes on the screen while explaining using a PDF, PowerPoint, or plain blackboard (whiteboard) as a background. It is easy to operate, and all you need is a PC and a headset to record, so you can quickly mass-produce and distribute videos. It is an ideal tool not only for creating class videos at schools and cram schools, but also for creating in-house training videos and product explanation videos.TeachBoard Voice & Handwriting Recording Software“TeachBoard Office

  • Standard model of TeachBoard Series.
  • The cost performance is outstanding!
  • TeachBoard Office has editing and security function

Functions list

Can make lightweight videos!

Due to our original compression technology, the content produced by TeachBoard Contents Creator is lighter than usual video files, and even a 5-minute video is about 2 MB.It can be easily distributed to other parties via email delivery, USB memory, or CD-R, etc.
Player (free) is required to watch videos.
※Screen resolution: 1366 x 768, 1 block configuration.

Write to the entire screen!

If it is on the screen like a web browser page, computer desktop screen, or anything else, you can use it as a video background.

Can make lightweight videos!

Can create your own original video by adding voice and handwriting to image files (jpg, png, bmp).

Add password

You can password your content to restrict playback (viewing). Prevents content from appearing to an unspecified number of people.

Import TB block

Other TB content can be impoprted.
You can easily remake content by adding new scenes to previously created content or cutting unnecessary parts.

Edit TB block

possible to do flex editing in blocks (a section or from a point to the end) .You can easily make modifications.

Easy to create with voice and handwriting

You can create your own original video by adding voice and handwriting to files opened on the screen (PowerPoint, Word, PDF, Images, etc.).

Recording while scrolling

By importing a PDF file and adding voice and handwriting, you can create easy-to-understand materials with movement.

Write while scrolling PDF!

You can write not only PDFs but also large images while scrolling.

Powerpoint files available!

By importing a Powerpoint and adding voice and handwriting, you can create easy-to-understand materials with movement.

Import the presentation itself and

make a video while giving a presentation!

write to the video!

possible to write not only still images but also videos in real time.

It is possible to add explanations to video files (mp4)!

Erasable pre-write

Can erase pre-written characters and shapes during recording

Hide the answer part in advance and display the correct answer at the time of explanation.

Test block

Can create a simple test of the selection (Choose the best answer)format.

Can explain according to the level of understanding of the learner.

Link block

Can open the page you want to see within the video in the middle of the explanation.

Voice” and “handwriting” digital content creation software

TeachBoard Contents Creator is the perfect tool for creating video content for online classes and flipped classrooms .

You can record with “voice” and “handwriting”

You can create your own original content using a pen tablet and headset/microphone.

Easy to play anytime

You can play it anytime, anywhere using a dedicated player or video sharing site.

small file size

Only about 5MB for 10 minutes of content!

Why Choose Video Teaching Materials?

The creation of video teaching materials is also to “not stop learning” and “not create a blank period of learning” , such as home learning due to school closures, learning guidance for children who do not go to school and children who are sick, remote classes at schools in hilly and mountainous areas. is a necessary effort.

Creating student-centered lessons.

In recent years, “flipped classrooms” have been attracting attention as a way to speed up the learning progress of students and improve their learning effects. TeachBoard was created with the aim of improving the quality of the “flipped classroom” and making it easy for both teachers and students to use. At present, TeachBoard has been introduced in many cram schools, preparatory schools, and preparatory schools.

Why don’t you make original video teaching materials that can be conveyed only by the teachers who know the students best?

Features of TeachBoard Contents Creator

✔ You can record with “voice” and “handwriting

You can use the microphone to record what you are talking while handwriting and writing on the tablet PC as you normally write on the board. You can record smoothly by using shortcut keys on the keyboard, such as changing pen thickness and color . It also has a variety of editing functions such as rewriting and adding pen writing, post-recording to record only the audio later .

✔ Easy to play anytime, anywhere

Downloaded videos can be played any number of times. Easy questions can be played at double speed, and difficult questions can be played over and over again so that each student can learn according to themselves. If you use TB-mall (dedicated video sharing site), you can watch it anytime and anywhere, and you can play it offline using a free dedicated player (Windows / Android / iOS) .

✔ Extremely small file size

The patented TeachBoard format realizes overwhelming lightness. For online learning such as home learning and distance learning, it is necessary to consider the communication network environment of each home. .

✔ The screen is clean and does not strain your eyes

If you take a video of the writing on the blackboard or project your hand with a document camera, it may be blurry or out of focus, and the image quality may be rough . Of course, the characters on the screen are clearly visible, and handwritten characters are drawn smoothly .

The latest advanced functions

Importing PowerPoint and PDF files has become easier than ever, and writing to video files is now possible.

In addition to the functions introduced here, there is also a simple test “test block” that allows you to change the image displayed next depending on the correct or incorrect answer, and a “link” that displays the link destination you want to refer to during video playback. Blocks can also be created.

Record while scrolling the PDF

You can scroll the PDF file and display it. Since you can mark up, you can create teaching materials with movement while following the explanations with your eyes.

write on video

It is possible to write not only still images but also movie files (MP4) in real time.

Recording while scrolling a large background image

It is possible to replace only the background while keeping the pen writing and voice as it is. By preparing a draft and tracing it, you can write smoothly without mistakes.

Erasable prelight

Replace background image



Unzip the downloaded compressed file (


Run the “TBOfficev3_setup.exe”.

During the installation, license number is needed prepare a license certificate beforehand.


Install TeachBoard Office in accordance with the instructions on the screen.

Create videos in 3 easy steps

1. display the materials on computer▼2. Recording while writing in the material▼3. Original video completed

Can easily create original videos by yourself

TeachBoard Office is a software for creating video content that was the predecessor of TeachBoard ContentsCreator.

Things necessary

  1. Computer with TeachBoard installed
  2. voice input device
  3. drawing input device

What can be used as a background

Anything that can be displayed on the screen, such as documents such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDFs, images, videos, screen captures and scanned data, can be used as a background image. Also, if you use blackboard mode or whiteboard mode, you can start from scratch without preparing anything.

1. Prepare the background

Capture the screen to be used as background material.

・Word, Excel, PowerPoint


・Images and videos

・Screen capture of the site, etc.

・ Scanned text etc.

2. Record

  1. Start recording with the [REC] button.
    Recording is done by drawing and voice with a pen tablet. Even if you make a mistake along the way, you can correct it.
  2. Stop recording with the [Stop] button.

POINTSince you can edit each block, the point is to record one block as short as possible.

3. Edit

Arrange the recorded blocks.

  1. Start the edit screen with the [Start edit screen] button.
  2. The blocks recorded so far are lined up on the edit screen, so drag and drop the necessary blocks onto the edit line.
  3. When you press the [Convert] button, it will be converted to TeachBoard format (.tbc) and saved

– Flex fix –

It is possible to rewrite or add pen writing, and record only audio (dubbing).

4. Distribute and share

Video distribution service “TB-mall” debuts!Distribute and share content converted to TeachBoard format. There are two ways to watch TB content: installing a dedicated player on your device, or using a dedicated cloud service for distributio


This is a video distribution service dedicated to TeachBoard content. Generate and share playback URLs and QR codes for uploaded content. No advertisement videos or related videos like YouTube are displayed, so you can concentrate on the class videos.

✔ You can easily distribute class videos

  • ● Share content with viewing URL
  • ● Instantly create a QR code with the QR code button
  • ● No need to install a playback-only player
  • ● No ads or related videos will be displayed

ThinkBoard Player

You can view the content by installing the TeachBoard content player (free) on your device.

  • Windows-app
  • > for Windows
  • iOS-app
  • > for iOS
  • Android-app
  • > for Androi

~ Effective use by recording blackboard videos with TeachBoard ~

“TB-mall” sample content viewing
You can easily create a blackboard video by simply recording the explanation while drawing the underline. By converting the blackboard into digital content, you can watch it repeatedly anytime, anywhere.

– Digitizing blackboards for effective use –

Once you record the board using TeachBoard, you can reuse it repeatedly. It is also possible to streamline the writing time by playing back the created video teaching materials, or create a library of class videos and use them for online classes and repeated learning for students.

✔ Easy to organize with category classification

Videos uploaded to TB-mall can be categorized into categories and managed in different layers. For example, when introduced on a local government basis, it is possible to manage folders by school separately, or to manage categories by subject or teacher.

✔ Share and re-edit between teachers

It is possible to create a database of TB-mall, accumulate content, share it among teachers, and reuse it. Content can also be imported into TeachBoard and re-edited, making it easy to add post-recording or video, or delete parts.


Each educational organization can provide its learners with e-learning services, using an e-learning platform which contains original math learning videos for their own leaners. The detailed information about our products to use are the following:


Video creation software used for creating the math tutorial videos. Its features are as follows:

・ The file size of the videos is about 1/100 of MP4. This lessens the burden of learners’ internet fees and instead enables them to learn with little disruption even under poor internet connection.

・ ONE person can create videos with at least a PC without a shooting studio, tripod stand, gun mic, projector, shooting crew and professional editor. You can create videos and add your original videos to the online platform.

・Even if you find a mistake in a video after shooting, you can easily fix the spot of the mistake.

Math Tutorial Videos

TeachBoard LMS

Original e-learning platform for leaners. In addition to releasing math tutorial videos and your original ones, you can send and receive messages with the message function and also create or release assignments such as tests, reports, and questionnaires. What is more, you can complete learning management of your students by tracking when, how long and how each student learnt.

Operating environment


Windows® 7※,Windows® 8※,Windows® 8.1※,
Windows® 10※,Windows® 11
※Does not support Windows RT,macOS,Android,iOS.


Operating frequency 1.50GHz or higher
Intel Core processor 2GHz or higher
or recommend a processor of the same level


Recommend 2GB or more


Free space of 100MB or more * Excluding Video content data area


Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels or higher, 16bit High Color or higher
Recommended 24bit Full Color


Internet connection environment
Recommended ADSL or higher broadband line * Required for installation and update

Peripheral equipment

・Drawing input device (pen tablet, liquid crystal pen tablet, a tablet PC, an electronic blackboard, an electronic pen (digital pen), a mouse, etc.)
・Audio input device (microphone (built-in, external), wireless microphone, headset, etc.)
・CD-ROM drive
・Sound card or on-board sound device

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