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isimSoftware Gmail Email Attachment Extractor Developed By Technocom Is Software To Help You Know How To Extract Attachment From Gmail. This Software Enables You In Extracting Emails From Your Inbox, Draft, Sent And Labeled Folders Along With Attached Files. Main Features
It enables you to extract attachment from Gmail
You can save your attachments in local storage space or Google drive.
You can extract the list or e-mail ids along with the subject provided in a table.

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Technocom’s Gmail Email Attachment Extractor simplifies the process of extracting attachments from Gmail, allowing seamless access to emails across your inbox, drafts, sent, and labeled folders. This tool efficiently retrieves email attachments from your Gmail account, presenting them directly for viewing or saving, be it in your local storage or cloud space. Organizing your attached data, it creates a distinct folder structure with subfolders named after the senders, containing their respective attachments.

Filtering options cater to your needs, enabling extraction based on file types (.jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .zip, .pdf, .html, .exe, etc.) and timeframes—be it from the inception of your email account or within specific periods. Moreover, the software provides an option to exclude emails from certain individuals, enhancing customization.

User-friendly and intuitive, this software presents extracted emails in a tabular format alongside their subjects, facilitating easy reference and storage. The extracted email list can be saved as .csv or .txt files on your computer, streamlining your organizational process. Additionally, it aids in identifying unwanted email senders, allowing users to compile exclusion lists and sort emails based on creation dates or specified timeframes.

This high-speed Attachment Extractor for mail is compatible with Windows software, catering to users with multiple email IDs, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient email and attachment extraction.

Key Features

  • It enables you to extract attachment from Gmail
  • You can save your attachments in local storage space or Google drive.
  • You can save the list of extracted emails in .csv or .txt file on your computer.
  • You can extract the list or e-mail ids along with the subject provided in a table.
  • You can filter the attachment according to your requirement. Like you can include one or more of .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .zip, .pdf, .html, .exe etc for your attachment extractor for mail.
  • This Attachment extractor is very useful for all the people.
  • This software does not require any technical knowledge to work on it.
  • You can use this software to extract mails and attachments for your multiple ids.
  • It extracts emails from inbox, trash, spam, sent, draft, flagged etc.
  • This software works with good speed.
  • This Attachment extractor for emails compatible with windows software.

How It Works

How it works :

  • First Install Our Software.
  • Step1: Login your gmail Account.
  • Step2: Select option to extract email attachment from selected folders like Inbox,Sent,Trash,All etc.
  • After that click on Start Extraction button.
  • Save extracted email in .CSV or .TXT file.

System Requirements:

  • Win7/Win8/Win10/ Win XP/ Vista

How to download all email attachments from gmail account?
Q 1 . How to Signup and Login?
To Improve user Experience and Security we Introduce in our Software.

Step 1: Sighup

Click on New User Signup Link

Q 2 . How to Activate License?
After Login you can Activate your license. The License will Assigned on the Email and always will work with that email.You can’t assign license to other email after activation.

Step 1: Visit Help Menu and Select Activate

Step 2: Enter the License Key then Click on Activate Button

Q 2 . How to Login with your Gmail Account?
Note: Set Gmail setting before extracting email to get best result. Click here
First Step: Login with your Gmail Account.
You can save the login detail to software by check Save Login Detail check box.

User can also extract email and attachment from selected folder. Check the Extract From Selected Labels option.

Q.3. How to Select folder to extract emails and Attachments?
Select Folder from which you want to extract emails and Attachments.

Q.4. How to Start Listing Attachment?
Click on Start Listing Attachment button to extract email ids and email attachment. After extraction user can save extracted emails into .csv and .txt files.

Q.5. How to use Filter option to get Email?
Go to Filter Emails option then set keyword to get Email that you want.
A Filter window will be opened, in the bottom of the software window by pressing “Filter Emails” button. You can set the keywords so you get the list of email addresses only those you really need.
With the help of filters the user can modify the search i.e. what keywords must exist in the extracted email ids and what must not.
Filter works after email extraction.

Q.6. How to Save Extracted Email ids and email attachments?
There is Select all Attachment Emails option in bottom. Check the option to save or download it to local folder. Then click Download button
Extracted Email Ids can be saved in Registered Version, In trial version user can save upto 20 emails.
Extracted Email Ids can be saved in .CSV (Opens in EXCEL) and .txt (Opens in NOTEPAD).

After press Start Downloading Attachment button there is three option to save the extracted emails.

  1. Save Attachments Email wise: User can save only email Attachments by using this option. Attachments are saved as seprated folder according to email.
  2. Save Selected Attachments Only: User can Download only selected attachments by using this option that user selected.
  3. Save Attachments Email: User can save only extracted emails list only
  4. User can also filter the Attachment by clicking on Filter option. This option help the user to filter the attachments.

Email Extractor Files
Email Extractor Files
After press Filter Attachment button there is list of file extension it help the user to extract particular extension files. User can also add extension by adding it manually by using Appling Manual Extension option.

  1. Then select any of extension that you want and click on the given arrow to add it to Download Extension List.
  2. There is one other option in it Set Date. This option help to save the email or attachments within selected date range.
    3.Then click Apply Filter.
  3. Now click on Download button to save or Download the email list and attachment. Save it to local directory.

Q.7. How to Check Log file?
Click on Show Log option in the bottom.
You can check the downloaded file by double clicking on the file name in the log list.

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