isimSoftware Ism.BarCode.Client

isimSoftware Ism.BarCode.Client

Barcode generation and recognition The barcode client runs as a separate application or as an integral part of the archive system.

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isimSoftware Ism.BarCode.Client

The components of the barcode client:

Barcode generation

There can be a number of 1D and 2D barcodes

produce. After entering the value is a barcode in

Form of an image generated.

The possible configurable settings can on the one hand, global for everyone Barcodes as well as type-specific for individuals


Label printing A side view of the print preview is integrated.

Import for label printing csv is accepted as the import format for the source data.

Barcodes on previously scanned documents are recognized.

Barcode readers

A barcode reader connected to the serial interface can be controlled with the application, the barcodes read out are displayed.

  •  QR
  •  Datamatrix
  •  Pdf417 

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