isimSoftware Folder Backup

isimSoftware Folder Backup

Create backup profiles and easily create zip files of your folders. Create and save folder lists, select a backup convention and then simply backup.

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Creates a simple but effective backup plan.
isimSoftware Folder Backup is a utility to quickly and easily backup files from multiple locations to a single target location that would be cycled based on day of week or day of the month basis, such that the previous days backup remained untouched.

With isimSoftware Folder Backup you can create a Backup Location that would be remembered on start-up and automatically have a sub folder created and incremented based on the day of the month. You can create a “Source List” of files to be backed up, up that can be saved and retrieved using a few mouse clicks and you can quickly apply a file filter to the “Source List” such that only files captured by the filter would be backed up.

isimSoftware Folder Backup provides all of this plus more, such as the ability to save to a zip archive.

isimSoftware Folder Backup allows its users to creates a simple but effective backup plan, it does not however offer any file comparison techniques, does not look for any changes in the files themselves, it simply backs up all the files in the selected folder and sub folders that match the applied filter criteria to a backup location based upon the current day.

Feature List
Implement simple backup plans.
Copy or Zip files.
Easily Zip files with custom filters.
Create password protected zip archives.
Create backup list containing multiple folders.
Create your own filer lists.

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