YouTube Music Certification Assessment Answers (2024)

Can an artist promote a paid product or service on YouTube?

  • No, paid promotions are against YouTube policy.
  • Yes, if the artist gets written permission from YouTube.
  • Yes, but the artist should be mindful of disclosure requirements and any third-party agreements.
  • Yes, but only music-related products and services are eligible.

How can subscribers boost engagement, and thus discovery, for a video?

  • Subscribers boost view count because their views are worth two views.
  • Subscribers who have turned off notifications will generate the video’s first wave of traffic.
  • Subscribers who have turned on notifications will generate the video’s first wave of traffic.
  • Subscribers can engage with a video in comments, while unsubscribed viewers cannot.

How can you estimate which ad formats are earning the most revenue?

  • Use the Revenue report to break down how well each ad type is performing.
  • In-stream ads always generate the most revenue.
  • Use the Ad rates report to compare the estimated revenue amounts generated from each ad type.
  • Skippable video ads always generate the most revenue.

How can you use Community to give fans an inside look at a tour?

  • Update the channel banner with tour dates.
  • Create a new channel section with tour videos.
  • Post a photo of the setlist.
  • Live stream an entire show.

How do playlists affect watch time on a channel?

  • Playlists can increase watch time because viewers will often keep watching videos in a sequence.
  • Playlists can increase watch time because viewers are unable to exit the playlist.
  • Playlists can decrease watch time because viewers almost never watch more than one video at a time.
  • Playlists have no effect on watch time.

How does an artist benefit from upgrading to an Official Artist Channel?

  • The artist earns extra subscribers.
  • The Official Artist Channel appears at the top of search results for the artist.
  • The artist earns ten new ways to interact with subscribers.
  • YouTube auto-generates new highlight videos for the artist.

How does Content ID support the work of music rights holders?

  • It helps them plan a tour.
  • It enables them to monetize or otherwise protect their content on YouTube.
  • It helps them announce a new album.
  • It allows them to understand watch time on the artist’s channel.

How does upgrading to an Official Artist Channel affect an artist’s subscribers?

  • Upgrading does not affect subscribers.
  • Upgrading makes it easier for subscribers to find all of an artist’s music in one place.
  • Upgrading makes it harder for subscribers to find an artist’s music, because the artist’s catalog has split into three channels.
  • Upgrading makes it easier for subscribers to learn about new videos, because their notifications are automatically turned back on.

How would you update channel branding to support a tour announcement?

  • Upload a channel banner that includes the tour dates.
  • Upload a collaboration with another artist.
  • Create a playlist of fan covers.
  • Change the channel name.

If you wanted to learn in which major city a competing artist’s video is getting the most views this week, what might help you?

  • YouTube Analytics for Artists.
  • Premieres.
  • Trending.
  • Music Charts and Insights.

What can generate additional revenue for an artist on YouTube?

  • Comments.
  • Hearts.
  • Concert listings.
  • Channel icon.

What can tell you about the global reach of a channel?

  • Translations data.
  • Traffic sources data.
  • Audience retention chart.
  • Geography data.

What can you do to maximize an artist’s revenue potential in the YouTube Music app?

  • Update the channel banner.
  • Organize videos into the maximum number of shelves on the channel.
  • Reply to every fan comment.
  • Deliver the artist’s entire catalog to YouTube.

What can you do to prevent a sudden drop in a video’s audience retention chart?

  • Include the same elements from other videos that have drops in audience retention.
  • Ensure that the video’s metadata accurately reflects the content.
  • Shorten the video.
  • Consider a paid promotion.

What can you learn from the data in Music Charts & Insights?

  • The most popular music videos of the week in a given city or country.
  • The global reach of an artist’s entire catalog.
  • The age and gender breakdown of an artist’s audience.
  • The playlists driving the most traffic to an artist.

What deters advertisers from showing ads on a video?

  • Explicit language.
  • Parodies.
  • Niche topics.
  • Collaborations.

What does a channel’s search data reveal?

  • The keywords viewers are using to find the channel’s videos.
  • The top keywords suggested by Google Trends.
  • Traffic from every major search engine.
  • Search behavior for subscribers only.

What does not describe a thumbnail that has been optimized for discovery?

  • The thumbnail correctly sets viewer expectations about content.
  • The thumbnail is visually compelling.
  • The thumbnail is low-resolution.
  • Words in the thumbnail are easy to read on any screen.

What happens to a channel when it receives a copyright takedown notice?

  • The offending video is removed and the channel loses its subscribers.
  • The offending video remains on the channel but is blocked in all countries.
  • The offending video is removed and the channel owner receives a copyright strike.
  • The offending video remains on the channel until the channel owner deletes it.

What is one effective way to use the Community tab?

  • Post only when you have behind-the-scenes photos to share.
  • Re-post videos from the channel right after you upload them.
  • Post promotional links without context to intrigue viewers.
  • Post a mix of personal, promotional, and transactional posts to engage fans.

What is subject to a “match” in Content ID?

  • A video that contains content in the Content ID database.
  • A video that has the same title as another video on YouTube.
  • A channel with one or more similar videos to another channel.
  • A channel that contains another channel’s copyrighted works.

What is the best way to engage fans before an album release on YouTube?

  • Live stream a listening event.
  • Reach out to random viewers and ask them to post links to the album.
  • Upload an old photo as the channel icon.
  • Go quiet for several months to surprise fans with the new album.

What is the best way to leverage fan videos to grow a channel?

  • Comment on each fan video.
  • Block fan videos in all territories.
  • Request copyright takedowns for fan videos.
  • Drop fan videos into a playlist with a descriptive name.

What is the difference between copyright and Content ID?

  • Copyright is a set of laws, while Content ID is a tool that helps rights holders exercise their rights on YouTube.
  • Content ID is a set of laws, while copyright is a tool that helps rights holders exercise their rights on YouTube.
  • Copyright protections are the same in every country, while Content ID policies vary by location.
  • Users must apply Content ID policies the same way in every country, while copyright protections vary by location.

What is the goal of the ad serving model?

  • To help creators share their most creative ads to advertisers.
  • To help serve the most lucrative ad to the right viewer at the right time.
  • To help viewers watch their favorite ads.
  • To help brands target only audiences they’re interested in.

What is the most effective way to encourage subscribers to engage with a channel?

  • Post about the channel regularly on social media.
  • Upload videos on a regular schedule.
  • Comment on other artists’ videos every two weeks.
  • Update the channel branding on a regular schedule.

What is the most effective way to promote a collaboration on YouTube?

  • Produce a collaboration teaser and upload it to both collaborators’ channels.
  • Use keywords from Google Trends to write the video title and description.
  • Update the tags in old videos to include keywords for the collaboration.
  • Link to the collaboration in the comments of other artists’ videos.

What low-investment strategy could a channel try to increase viewership (and ad revenue) in another country?

  • Leverage the audience to crowdsource captions and metadata translations.
  • Identify local talent and create a dubbed version of videos to improve the native viewing experience.
  • Re-create videos with top creators in that country.
  • Do nothing – viewership in other countries has no impact on revenue.

What may indicate that a channel needs to clean up its reference files or revise its match policies?

  • The channel sees a decrease in claim disputes.
  • The channel sees an increase in claim disputes.
  • The channel sees a decrease in claims.
  • The channel sees an increase in watch time.

What predefined match policy allows viewers to watch a claimed video but does not allow ads to display on the video?

  • Block.
  • Track.
  • Monetize.
  • Either Block or Track.

What requirement must a video meet before it’s eligible to earn ad revenue?

  • The video must be at least 30 seconds long.
  • The channel must be at least 1 year old.
  • The content must be advertiser-friendly.
  • The channel should own the rights to 50% of the video’s content.

What should you do when a channel’s demographics data describes an audience that’s much different from the targeted audience?

  • Plan a tour for the targeted audience anyway.
  • Revise the content strategy to focus on engaging the targeted audience.
  • Revisit the metrics in a week.
  • Unlist videos that the new audience engages with the most.

What type of video is designed to get fans excited about a new album or tour?

  • Collaborations.
  • Teasers or samplers.
  • Covers.
  • Art tracks.

What’s one practical application for YouTube Analytics for Artists?

  • Understand which of an artist’s songs are fan favorites, and include these songs on a tour setlist.
  • Understand which of an artist’s YouTube videos are fan favorites, and run ad campaigns for them.
  • Understand which search terms lead viewers to the artist’s channel, and include them in video metadata.
  • Understand which music videos are most popular this week on YouTube, and estimate how an artist’s new video might perform.

What’s something that video cards can promote?

  • A channel section.
  • Links to merch sites.
  • The channel banner.
  • An end screen.

Where can you see the relationship between references and assets?

  • Asset report.
  • Traffic sources data.
  • Watch time data.
  • Claims report.

Which asset type is always linked to a sound recording asset on YouTube?

  • Teaser or sampler.
  • Reference.
  • Composition share.
  • Other sound recordings.

Which of the following accurately describes art tracks?

  • Art tracks can capture viewer searches for a song when an official music video isn’t available yet.
  • YouTube automatically generates art tracks from a sound recording and an artwork file.
  • Viewers can find art tracks on YouTube and YouTube Music.
  • All of the above.

Which two parties most commonly enter into an SRAV (Sound Recording Audio Visual) agreement with each other?

  • YouTube and publishing companies.
  • Record labels and music video producers.
  • Publishing companies and artists.
  • YouTube and record labels.

Which types of copyright apply most often to music on YouTube?

  • Sound recording and musical composition.
  • Musical composition and dramatic works.
  • Sound recording and visual asset.
  • Lyrics and vocal track.

Which types of copyright apply most often to music on YouTube?

  • MSound recording and musical composition.
  • Musical composition and dramatic works.
  • Sound recording and visual asset.
  • Lyrics and vocal track.

Who can monetize videos on YouTube?

  • Anyone with a YouTube channel.
  • Anyone with at least 100 videos.
  • Channels that have joined the YouTube Partner Program, or channels that are linked to a label or distributor with an SRAV agreement.
  • Only channels that have had Content ID enabled.

Why is behind-the-scenes footage from a tour valuable for a channel?

  • Because it can be turned into a series of videos.
  • Because it can help the channel stay on a consistent upload schedule.
  • Because it can be used to promote an album or tour in the future.
  • All of the above.

Why is it important to keep uploading videos after an album release?

  • Because it decreases viewer engagement with the channel.
  • Because it maintains or increases viewer engagement with the channel, which can increase album sales.
  • Because the artist otherwise won’t have time to engage with fans.
  • Because it’s the best way to get media outlets to promote the album.

Why is it important to resolve asset ownership conflicts quickly?

  • Because conflicts can suspend any revenue generated from the videos in conflict.
  • Because YouTube blocks videos by default during a conflict.
  • Because the rights holders involved in a conflict will receive a copyright strike.
  • Because conflicts reduce the discoverability of the content in question.

Why might two videos with similar monetizable view counts earn different revenue?

  • The videos have different privacy settings.
  • Different ad formats are enabled on the videos.
  • The videos have a different number of likes and dislikes.
  • The video resolution is different.

Why might you want to pin a fan comment on a video?

  • The comment links to another artist’s video.
  • The comment says something positive about the video.
  • The comment contains personal contact information.
  • The comment includes a blocked keyword

Why might you want to review the ratio of views to ads shown on a video in two time periods?

  • To see which type of ad brought in the most revenue.
  • To see the effect of viewer engagement on ad rates.
  • To see how this ratio is trending over time.
  • To see how many subscribers watched the ad and commented on the video.

Why should an artist seek legal advice before uploading a cover song?

  • To determine whether the song is unpopular in certain countries.
  • To ensure that the artist is allowed to promote the cover on social media.
  • To prevent Content ID claims on the song.
  • To determine whether the original song is protected by copyright.

With which YouTube feature can you establish a watch page before a video is released, so that an artist and their fans can experience a new video together?

  • Community.
  • Official Artist Channel.
  • Premieres.
  • YouTube Music

YouTube Analytics for Artists provides data about what type of content?

  • Fan-uploaded videos.
  • An artist’s songs across YouTube.
  • The world’s top songs this week.
  • A label’s top artists on YouTube.

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