isimSoftware Caricature Software

isimSoftware Caricature Software

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isimSoftware Caricature Software

This is a simple image processing tool developed for those who would like to customize their images in a cartoon like output.

Converts photographs into cartoons and animated cartoons. Use it as an avatar, to sign emails and letters, make greeting cards and party announcements, or illustrate a book or a paper.

Photo to Cartoon is an extremely simple software with the sole purpose of turning portraits into cartoons.

If you load a high-resolution graphic file (high resolution is a must in order to obtain a quality cartoon) containing the portrait of a person, this application will create a cartoon or a caricature.

The process is quite simple. After loading the picture, you can alter it by choosing a smoother or a crisper image. You can also select more or fewer details in the output image. Parts of the image can be selected to be merged or split. If you’re not happy with the original colors, you can replace them using a color palette.

In case you feel you can do more, you can check out the video tutorial. You can learn how to make a nice cartoon in minutes time. The output will be saved in JPG format and can be printed on paper directly from the program.

Photo to Cartoon converts photographs into cartoons and animated cartoons. Use this program to illustrate your book, your website or to make custom coloring pages for your kids. Replace that cookie cut forum avatar by an actual cartoon of yourself. It lets people know what you look like without giving them your photo! Make cartoons of your friends, your dog, your house, your neighborhood and dont forget celebrities and politicians! Cartoons make fantastic gifts for friends and colleagues. They look great on T-shirts and mugs too.

This program is fun and addictive. It is also intuitive and very easy to use. You dont need any artistic skills, as no drawing is required. Photo to Cartoon uses a novel approach to image editing with a Click Me approach. The program splits a photograph into solid color areas, like a mosaic. By clicking on the image, you can split or merge pieces of this mosaic, adding more details to the key areas and simplifying the background. Here is how it works. Just load a high quality high-resolution photo, set the overall level of detail in the image with two sliders and you are half-way done! Click on the key areas of the image, such as a person, or a person’s eyes to increase the level of detail. Click on the background pieces to merge them together. Replace colors by those you choose if needed. Depending on the level of detail you use and the amount of editing (splitting and merging pieces) you do, the resulting images can be as either as real-looking or as cartoon-like as you wish. Photo to Cartoon simplifies the task of creating illustrations for virtually every purpose.

The result cartoons can be saved in various formats including vector formats. Photo to Cartoon also creates animated drawings that can be saved in svg, avi or gif format or shared online.

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