isimSoftware ID Card Designer

isimSoftware ID Card Designer

Cards & Labels Designing Software easily creates product labels, stickers, tags, ID Cards and other types of cards and labels. Card designing Software creates customized identification cards for various business organizations.

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isimSoftware ID Card Designer

Image Designing Tools
Design using Pre-defined Templates
Start By Using Wizard
Open With Existing Design Log
Visitor ID or Gate Pass Mode
Live Group and Batch Processing Mode with Excel Data
Batch Processing Series
Camera Setting
Email Settings
Print Settings
Image Cropping Tool
Export Designed ID Card
Save Created ID card
Copy Current Design to the other Side of Card

Cards & Labels Designing Software
Cards & Labels Designing Software easily creates product labels, stickers, tags, ID Cards and other types of cards and labels. Card designing Software creates customized identification cards for various business organizations.

ID cards are for identity of a person in an organization including information of card holder person. Software makes it easy to design, modify, and print customized ID cards for employees IDs, student IDs, visitor registration as well as Gate Pass for the visitors.

isimSoftware ID Card Designer Software design and print multiple id cards with different text and barcode value using Batch Processing Series option. Software is also having ‘Visitor ID or Gate Pass Mode’ for quick designing of Visitors ID card and Gate Pass for the visitors. ‘Live Group and Batch Processing Mode’ of the software is designed for ID card Designing of group of people by browsing the details from Excel File. You can also Email your designed ID Card at specified email id using ‘E-mail setting’ feature of this software.

Is a powerful and innovative system that was designed to meet ID needs of any organization that is concerned about security and digital identity.

Described as the most versatile identity card design software available, our Photo ID solutions provide refreshingly advanced yet simple to work with graphical user interfaces.

Our new TRIAL FREE DOWNLOAD process enables you to evaluate the installed trial version and then convert it to an unrestricted version by purchasing it and registering your software license. Our ID Software trial includes all the features available in a licensed copy. You will be able to design and print your employee cards, name badges and labels and you will have “TRIAL” printed on all the cards. The trial version will expire 14 days after you install it. Once the trial period is over, you may purchase Easy Card Creator ID Software online.

If you are looking for ideal and affordable solution for you or your organization then this is the right place.

Enterprise Edition is equipped with a full internal database, and ODBC connectivity to any type of external databases. Enterprise Edition advanced networking and database tools allow users to easily monitor and manage their ID needs simultaneously over several locations, multiple operators and different departments. Enterprise Edition ID Software will provide you with the complete ID plastic card solution for your organization.

isimSoftware ID Card Designer is the perfect photo ID card software for organizations that operate over a corporate network. Multiple operators and different departments can easily design, create, update and maintain multiple shared records in real time.

Enterprise Edition ID Card Software is packed with whole variety of features and capabilities. isimSoftware ID Card Designer is ideal for corporations, schools and businesses that need plastic employee tag, medical ID and security badge management.

Incorporating an industry leading information management platform, database connectivity, design and automation tools, Enterprise Edition ID Card Software offers more productivity and flexibility to users than any other solution available in the market today.

isimSoftware ID Card Designer ID Software is the industry leading solution for secure ID card production. Print different types of barcodes, magnetic stripe, biometrics, watermarks, photos, logos and more. Print to plastic PVC cards, paper badges, labels, envelopes and business cards. The applications for our ID card software are endless, ranging from medical ID to employee tags to security badges.

Easy Card Creator Features
Design Features
Predefined Card Sizes
Image Editor
Magnetic Stripe Support
Printing Options
All Printers Support
Batch Printing
Fold and Clip Paper Badges Support
Database Features
Different Datatype Support
Customizable Fields
Different User Access Levels

Design Features
Issue PVC ID Cards or Paper Badges

Add Logo

Add Image

Add Shapes

Add Rich Text

Add Photo


Multiple Layer Support

Watermark Effects

Image Editor

Pre-defined Templates

Opacity/Transparency Effects

Date and Time Support

Add Barcode

Add Digital Signature

Template Cloning

Dual Side Support

Templates Import/Export

Magnetic Stripe Support

Predefined Card Sizes
ID Cards


Business Cards


Printing Options
All Printers Support

Card’s Border Management

Number of Cards per Page

Batch Printing Preview

Batch Printing
Double-sided Printing

Fold and Clip Paper Badges Support

Image Features

Capturing from File

Export to Different Image formats

Capturing from Camera


Database Features
Number of Employees Stored
Native Stand-alone Database

Integrated Database Editor

Different Datatype Support

Customizable Fields

Search/Sort Records

Arrange DB Fields Order

Database Protection

Database Sharing

ODBC Connectivity

Import from Different Databases

Connect to External Database

Security Features
User Authorization

User Management

Multiple User Support

Different User Access Levels

Barcode Scanning
ID Verification

Advanced Report Printing

Software Features
Browse Data From Excel Sheet
Provides facility to browse data from excel sheet while designing ID card.
Batch Processing Series
Generate multiple ID cards with different barcode and text value.
Print Designed ID Card
Print designed ID cards using advanced print setting option with support to all major types of printers.
Copy ID Card Design
Copy ID Card Design
To copy current design of ID card to the other side of Card.
Camera Setting
Having option to capture photo while designing ID card.
Export Designed ID Card
You can Export as Image (JPEG, PNG etc.), as PDF and as Template.
Save your ID Card
Provides option to save your ID cards in different file formats like JPEG PDF, BMP etc.
Email Setting
Software is having inbuilt E-mail setting feature to send designed ID cards at specified email address.
Save Designed Log
Software provides option to save your ID card designed log for future reference.
Image Cropping Tool
Provides Image Cropping Tool to crop a single image or to crop multiple images for your ID card.

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