isimSoftware MS All File Converter

isimSoftware MS All File Converter

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isimSoftware MS All File Converter
Convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into pdf, rtf, csv, mp4 and other numerous file formats. Introducing MS All Files Converter – Your Ultimate Document Conversion Solution! It can convert various types of documents into different formats while maintaining their original structure and formatting. It’s useful for tasks like converting Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, Excel to CSV, TXT to PDF, DOCX to RTF, PPTX to Jpeg and many more.
MS All File Converter is an all-in-one software for converting your documents. It quickly converts multiple files into your chosen formats without needing to upload them online. You can convert single or many files at once with this tool. It’s designed to convert thousands of documents in one go while keeping the original layout and format.

Don’t waste any more time searching for unreliable online converters or risking your document’s security. Upgrade to MS All Files Converter today and experience the ultimate in document conversion convenience and security. Transform your documents effortlessly while preserving their integrity.

Say hello to a faster, safer, and more efficient way to convert all your files.

Convert Word to PDF
Converts: docx to pdf, docx to rtf, docx to doc, doc to docx, docx to txt, docx to html, docx to odt and docx to xml.

Convert Excel to PDF
Converts: xlsx to pdf, xlsx to rtf, xlsx to xls, xls to xlsx, xlsx to txt, xlsx to ods, xlsx to xps, and xlsx to csv.

Convert Text to PDF
Converts: TXT to PDF, LOG to PDF, INI file to PDF, SQL to PDF, JSON to PDF, php to pdf, asp to pdf, js to pdf, xml to pdf, and htm to pdf.

Convert PowerPoint to PDF
Converts: pptx to pdf, pptx to rtf, pptx to ppt, ppt to pptx, pptx to html, pptx to odp, pptx to mp4, pptx to png, and ppsm to mp4.

Bulk File Converter
It is powerful conversion software that can convert an unlimited number of files into any format you choose.

Document Format & Structure
Keeps your files format intact even during the bulk file conversion process.

Why Should You Choose MS All File Converter Tool?
Multiple Document Converter
It can Convert multiple file formats and documents in bulk.

All MS Office Conversions
Supports all available conversion in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Secure Conversion
It converts all files safely without overwriting original documents.

Cost-Effective Choice
It’s a great choice, offering affordability and effectiveness.

Efficient and Precise
Instantly converts 1000s of files with precise accuracy.

Updates & Support
Free software upgrade and exclusive
support for licensed users.

How to Create a User Account in App?

  1. Download software
  2. Install and Open Software


  1. Enter Email ID & Password and click on Login to access app workspace.
  2. If you are a new user, click on “New User Signup Here” link to open Registration Form.


  1. Enter your Name & Email ID and click on “Get Verification Code” button to get an OTP code on your email.
  2. Fill required details along with “Verification Code” and click on “SIGNUP” to register as an active user.

NOTE: A single account works across all isimSoftware apps.

How to create conversion tasks?

  1. Click ‘Add’ menu button to create a conversion task. You can add multiple tasks.

How to select source files?

  1. Click ‘Select App’ dropdown list to select source files conversion app all-files-converter-tool-help-1
  2. Click ‘Select Format’ to select source file format all-files-converter-tool-help-2

How to select target file format?

  1. Click ‘File Format’ option to select file format for convert files

How to locate and add files from a folder for file conversion?

  1. Click ‘Add Files or Folder’ to select & list files manually

Select file and click ‘Open’ and select ‘Add Task’ option

How to start converting all files?

  1. Click ‘Start’ to strat converting files


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