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This Is A Word To RTF Converter Utility That Is A Must Have For Those Having File Conversion Needs. This Software Can Effortlessly Do The Conversion Of DOC Files To RTF In Bulk In A Matter Of Minutes.Main Features
Allows the user to convert RTF to Word in batches
The processed files have the same content as the original ones so there is no data loss
Very useful for people who have formatting needs which require conversion

Personal License Price: 19$ – Click here to buy this software


Word to RTF converter is an user friendly tool to convert word files to rtf in bulk. This word to rtf converter can convert multiple files and folders at once. It does this process in most protected way by not uploading your files anywhere apart from your computer. Word to rtf document converter does not require internet connection.

Rtf files are smaller in size than word files and thus most people tend to keep the rtf form rather than the doc form. RTF files can be opened and read with a text editor while DOC files can’t be read therefore more favored. The software converts word to rtf batch.

This versatile word to rtf converter can handle the process of conversion in an innovative way. The converted files have the same content as the original ones so there is no loss of data. It completes the conversion process quickly and save the processed files in a folder designated by the user while keeping the original files as it is. You can also replace the current word files if you want with the newly generated rtf files. It is a very simple to use tool that works effectively and therefore saves your file converting time. Word to RTF converter is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system.

Key Features

  • Convert Word files to RTF in bulk.
  • The data converted is not tampered with in any manner
  • The converted files can be saved in a destination folder while keeping the originals intact
  • Converting .DOC files to RTF renders them workable using various text editors
  • The task is done seamlessly at a rapid pace
  • Can handle Word files in multiple formats
  • Works seamlessly with all popular versions of Windows

How It Works

How it works :

  • First step: click on ‘Add Files’ and ‘Add Folder’ to Add doc,docx Files to the list.
  • Second step: Click on Convert to RTF File button.
  • Select file location to save processed file.
  • Open target folder to check the result.

System Requirements:

  • Win7/Win8/Win10/ Win XP/ Vista

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