isimSoftware Web Data Scraper

At A Given Time We Know Well That A User Shall Be Seeking All The Relevant Informations Of Layout Sites Such As Fashion, Business, Emporium, Hotels, Etc. Here One May Face Difficulties Of Getting All The Relevant Data At A Single Place For Analysis Purposes. Main Features Personal License Price: 39$ – Click here to buy […]

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isimSoftware Excel Workbook Details Extractor

Excel Workbook Details Extractor Is An Efficient Tool That Can Fetch Details Of Excel Files. It Is Competent Enough To Extract Properties From All Formats Of Excel Files Like .Xls, .Xlsx, Etc.Main FeaturesThe tool can extract properties of excel files.It extracts properties like author, category, keywords etc. from bulk of excel files.It can process excel

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isimSoftware Phone Number Web Extractor

isimSoftware Phone Number Web ExtractorPhone Number Web Extractor Extracts Phone/Mobile/FAX Numbers From INTERNET/WEB Through Many Popular Search Engines Such As (BING, GOOGLE, YAHOO, ALTAVISTA, ASK.Com Etc) .Main FeaturesPhone Number Web Extractor extracts Phone,MOBILE and FAX Numbers from Internet and URLs.Extracted Numbers can be saved in .CSV (Opens in EXCEL) and .txt.You can add a list

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