isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software

isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software

isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software is a speed typing software. Automate your typing – assign keywords to frequently used phrases and isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software will type the common phrases for you each time you type the corresponding keyword.

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isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software constantly monitors your keyboard and when it detects a keyword, it replaces the keyword with a predefined paragraph.

isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software will store your common text fragments (email signatures, frequently used sentences, common phrases) organized in folders and quickly insert them into your documents. It is an autocomplete feature added to any program.

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isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software is a Text Expander for Windows and saves time typing texts and filling forms by using customized shorts. It can also correct your spelling mistakes.

isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software fully integrates in the system and works in any program.

isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software expands texts shortcuts into longer text snippets in any program. This Freeware save repetitive typing and corrects spelling mistake.

E.g. make an abbreviation “myname” to insert your name “First Middle Last” in any apps.

Expand text abbreviations into words

You can configure isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software to expand text as you type the last character of its abbreviation. Alternatively, you can let isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software prompt for text expansion after you entered the abbreviation. You can also have abbreviations automatically expanded after you entered the isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software followed by space or any punctuation mark.

Work faster and smarter 

isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software works in any program.You assign a keyword (an abbreviation) for a frequently used text snippet, phrase, sentence or paragraph, and isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software will auto-type this snippet each time you type the abbreviation in ANY program. isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software works in all word processors

This simple application conveniently puts frequently used text fragments closer at hand. isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software’s system-tray icon allows you to store frequently used text, create macros, and provide quick access to your favorite folders and desktop shortcuts. Create and store text snippets and easily access them using a hot-key combination, or record keyboard and mouse movements to easily create time-saving macros. You also can use the Fast Macro feature, which allows you to quickly record and play a temporary macro using hot keys. With its multiple time-saving features, isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software can benefit any user who frequently works with the same text or performs the same repetitive actions.

Key Features

  • Auto-complete keystroke.
  • Expand abbreviations in any program.
  • Change the caret position after keystroke expanding.
  • Simple XML format of snippets database.
  • Statistics of snippets usage and printed chars.
  • Portable version is available.

Automatic Typing Software in any Program expand text abbreviations into words and sentences: 

Automatic Typing Software Feature 

This works everywhere and not just in MS Office.

No matter whether you work in Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, WordPerfect, Thunderbird, InternetExplorer, Opera or FireFox. 

Work faster and smarter 

Use isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software is powerful snippets and abbreviations to streamline and speed all you type. 

Create powerful snippets to save you time so that all you type is a short abbreviation, and isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software does the rest of the typing for you.

Expand your snippets in any application from single lines to whole paragraphs

Style your snippet text and add images and links.

System-wide spelling correction in multiple languages

Group snippets and print by group

Search and expand snippets, abbreviations, and suggestions inline as you type

Reminders to use your snippets and suggestions as you type

Customize the standardized 

Streamline your email. Take boilerplate email responses or sales queries and customize just the areas that you need. You wear many hats, use your email signature du jour, with current social media links!

Use fill-in-the-blank snippets to create custom forms with multiple field types and sections

Expand a snippet as part of another by nesting

Automatically insert clipboard content in a snippet

Position the cursor wherever you want in your expanded snippet

Create perfect email signatures, one for every occasion

Create snippets and signatures with formatted text, pictures and links

It’s about Time 

Quickly insert the date, anywhere. Add future due dates to your invoices and current dates to your file names, all without picking up a calendar.

Insert the current date and time in any format you prefer

With date/time math insert a future date, or past time. Add or subtract years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds from current date and time.

Streamline code & data; Advanced functions 

isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software has many features to help you sling code, create scripts, craft HTML and CSS, and satisfy the geek in all of us. 

Built-in HTML, CSS, AutoCorrect, accented words, symbols, Emoji snippet groups

For programmers, make editor-independent code templates

Invoke multi-platform JavaScript, AppleScript and shell scripts

Shorten long URLs automatically (Internet Productivity snippet group)

Automatically insert clipboard content in a snippet

Import data from other type expansion apps

Import and export snippet group files


  • Perform these steps to get familiar with isimsoftware Automatic Typing Software:
  • Start isimsoftware Automatic Typing Software 
  • Click “Enable keyboard monitoring” button
  • See the Automatic Typing Software in action

Keywords and folders 

isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software will store your common text fragments organized in folders and quickly insert them into your documents. It is an Automatic Typing Software/autocomplete feature added to any program.

Folders and keywords 

Keywords are ogranized into folders for your convenience. The tree located on the left side of the screen displays these folders. If you double-click a folder, Automatic Typing Software displays a list of keywords in this folder. When you click a keyword, a new editor window will appear. Right-clicking a keyword or a folder will bring up the context menu (see below).


“Enable keyboard monitor” starts monitoring the keyboard for keywords.

“Disable keyboard monitor” stops monitoring.

“Hide to system tray” button minimizes the program and hides it to the system tray.

“Exit” quits the application 

Status bar

Status bar at the bottom shows the current state of the keyboard monitor.


“Folders” and “Keywords” menus are used to add or remove folders and keywords. “Tools-Settings” will open the Settings dialog.

Start keyboard monitoring on startup – turning this option on will auto-start keyboard monitoring every time Automatic Typing Software is launched. If this option is turned off, you have to manually enable keyboard monitoring (default setting). 

Start minimized to system tray – this will tell Automatic Typing Software to start minimized.

Run on Windows startup – autostart Automatic Typing Software every time you turn on your computer.

Hotkey to toggle monitoringp – this keyboard shortcut will toggle keyboard monitoring on or off. The hotkey is “system-wide” which means it will work in all applications (even if Automatic Typing Software is in the background).


Automatic Typing Software can import or export all your keywords to/from an external XML-file or CSV-file (comma-separated), which can be moved between your computers or used as a backup. To export/import your keywords use the “Tools” menu.

When importing from a CSV-file please note:

A file should have this format:




All imported keywords will be placed into one folder

Free support 

Unlimited lifetime technical support

  • Free upgrades 
  • Instant delivery 
  • Registration keys and passwords are delivered instantly to your e-mail after payment submission.
  • Recoverable keys 
  • If you ever lose your license key or your download password, we will provide a new one free of charge

You can also use substitutions in your text fragments like:

{#crlf#} – new line

{#123#} – 123-character code (for example {#9#} become TAB)

%| = position cursor here once snippet is pasted

%> – RIGHT key

%< – LEFT key

%^ – UP key

%v – (letter v) DOWN key

%t – TAB key

(the above are useful for form filling – to navigate between fields, for example “”login%tpassword””)

%Y = Year, 4 digits (2011)

%y = Year, 2 digits (11)

%B = Month, long name (January)

%b = Month, short name (Jan)

%m = Month, 2 digits (01-12)

%1m = Month, 1-2 digits (1-12)

%A = Day, long name (Monday)

%a = Day, short name (Mon)

%d = Day, 2 digits (01-31)

%e = Day, 1 digit (1-31)

%1H = Hour, 24-hour clock, 1-2 digits (0-23)

%H = Hour, 24-hour clock, 2 digits (00-23)

%I = Hour, 12-hour clock, 2 digits (00-12)*

%1I = Hour, 12-hour clock, 1-2 digits (0-12)*

%M = Minute, 2 digits (00-59)

%1M = Minute, 1-2 digits (0-59)

%S = Second, 2 digits (00-59)

%1S = Second, 1-2 digits (0-59)

%p = Time, AM/PM

%date% – current date

%juliandate% – Julian date (like “”2011.293″”)

%time% – current time

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