isimSoftware Random Number Wizard

isimSoftware Random Number Wizard

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isimSoftware Random Number Wizard
Program Description
Random Number Wizard generates random numbers between user-specified limits (inclusive). Duplicates and specific values can be excluded from the random number generation process. The results can be copied and pasted into other programs (e.g., a spreadsheet). The specific list of the features are as follows:

Filtering: Duplicates and/or specific values can be excluded from generation process.
Copy List: Users can copy the generated dataset to other programs of their choice (e.g., a spreadsheet).
User’s Guide: A user’s guide is included that describes how Random Number Wizard works. This user’s guide is a searchable help file that is integrated within the program. It can be accessed from the help menu or by pressing F1.
Random Number Generation Notice : Random Number Wizard generates pseudo-random number according to the laws of mathematics. Random numbers generated by computers are not truly random though because computers utilize a specific algorithm in order to generate random numbers. Therefore, the results may be predictable to someone who knows the algorithm.

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