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Engineering & Productivity Solutions


isimSoftware Length Cutting Optimizer

isimSoftware Length Cutting Optimizer isimSoftware Length Cutting Optimizer is the software that will assist you with the planning and optimization of cuts from linear stock materials. Whether you are working with piping, tubing, bar stock, or linear lumber, isimSotware Length Cutting Optimizer can help you optimize your cuts and minimize materials waste and handling. Try …

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isimSoftware Query Automation Software

isimSoftware Query Automation Software Scheduling and automating your SQL queries Note: Download Link will be added. Personal License Price: 29$ – Click here to buy this software With isimSoftware Query Automation Software any user can schedule any database query and automate it to export to Excel, save it to the network or send it as an …

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isimSoftware Ism.OCR.Client

isimSoftware Ism.OCR.Client OCR – Optical character recognition Retrieval of text information from image files in order to process them further with the help of a word processor or to make them electronically searchable. Personal License Price: 29$ Click here to buy this software With the isimSoftware Ism.OCR.Client you can scan documents or run through existing documents …

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isimSoftware Ism.Scan.Client

isimSoftware Ism.Scan.Client The Scan Client enables documents or images to be captured using a scanner or webcam. scan : Twain and Wia interfaces Personal License Price: 29$ Click here to buy this software The scan client enables documents or images to be scanned. With the support of Twain and Wia A wide range of devices supports, …

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isimSoftware Ism.BarCode.Client

isimSoftware Ism.BarCode.Client Barcode generation and recognition The barcode client runs as a separate application or as an integral part of the archive system. Personal License Price: 19$ Click here to buy this software isimSoftware Ism.BarCode.Client isimSoftware Ism.BarCode.Client The components of the barcode client: Barcode generation There can be a number of 1D and 2D barcodes produce. …

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isimSoftware MonitorIP

isimSoftware MonitorIP MonitorIP is a small program that runs in the system tray, monitoring your IP address(es). With the click of the mouse, you can view information about your current IP address and hostname. If you have a computer that you need access to remotely but don’t have the resources to have a static ip …

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isimSoftware Remote Manager

isimSoftware Remote Manager Remote Manager helps you to manage different types of remote connections in one convenient interface. It is designed to look like a chat client buddy list. Remote Manager currently supports remote connections using PuTTY, WinSCP, TightVNC and Microsoft Remote Desktop. Instead of rewriting the interfaces for each of these applications, Remote Manager …

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isimSoftware Safety Scoredisplay

isimSoftware Safety Scoredisplay Keep track of consecutive accident-free days in an affordable way. The purpose of such a sign is to remind all the employees that safety comes first, while also displaying how many days have passed since the last work-related incident.  Personal License Price: 9$ Click here to buy this software These personalized warning signs …

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isimSoftware TCP Tester

isimSoftware TCP Tester TCP testing utility IsimSoftware TCPTester is a utility to test communication over TCP/IP. IsimSoftware TCPTester acts as a TCP client, opens a persistent socket connection to a TCP server and automatically sends a user-defined command. Once a reply has been received, the command is repeated. A timeout can be specified, after which …

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