isimSoftware PDF to X Converter

isimSoftware PDF to X Converter

isimSoftware PDF to X is used to convert PDF documents to Word (.doc)/WordPad (.rtf) documents, HTML web pages, JPG/PNG/BMP/TIF/GIF/PCX/TGA images and plain text files in batch mode. It works without Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, and has Command Line Interface (CLI), friendly interface, small size, accurate and fast conversion ability.

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  • + Fast, accurate, small and friendly UI.
  • + Retains original text, images, format and layout in output files.
  • + Supports converting password-protected PDFs (DOC/RTF/Images).
  • + Supports converting specific page range (DOC/RTF/Images).
  • + Works in batch mode.
  • + Converts all pages of a PDF into ONE HTML/TXT/RTF/DOC file.
  • + Supports system level context menu.
  • + Supports Command Line Interface (CLI).

It retains the original text, images, format and layout of PDF documents in various output files as much as possible.

Also, isimSoftware PDF to X supports converting the password-protected PDF files and specifying page range to convert (for DOC, RTF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, PCX, TGA files), and supports converting the PDF files that have some restrictions, such as Content Copying, Saving as Text, Page Extraction, Printing are not allowed (for HTML and TXT files).

If you want to edit/reedit the PDF files in MS Word or WordPad, publish the PDF content as HTML web pages on the web, capture PDF documents, let your documents management system supports PDF search or want to extract the text from PDF files, it might be useful.

  • Protect your privacy and data security (online converter needs uploading).
  • Right Convert PDFs in BATCH.
  • Right Quickly select source: just drag-and-drop your files.
  • Right NO downloading needed, store result in your local PC directly.
  • Right Handy converter: run at any time, even no network is okay.
  • Right Support Command Line Interface: improve the productivity if you’re good at programming.
  • Right Support system level context menu.
  • Right Reasonable & affordable license fee, and enjoy FREE lifetime support.
  • Right Intuitive, practical and compact interface, genuine and familiar PDF RED.
  • Right 100% CLEAN: NO Ad, NO Bundle, NO Virus, NO Spyware, just for BETTER.

Command Line Interface (CLI) Documentation

1. Synopsis

isimSoftware PDF to X -D/J/T/H sub-parameters

isimSoftware PDF to X -?

isimSoftware PDF to X -v

2. Arguments

-v Shows isimSoftware PDF to X’s CLI information, version number, copyright and license information.

-? Shows help.


Required. Specifies which sub CLI you want to call: -D calls PDF to DOC’s CLI, -J calls PDF to JPG’s CLI, -T calls PDF to Text’s CLI, -H calls PDF to HTML’s CLI.

Please note that it must be the first parameter in isimSoftware PDF to X’s CLI, and must be -D, -J, -T, or -H (case sensitive).

E.g. isimSoftware PDF to X -D …


Required. Specifies other parameters for the called sub CLI.

To know more details about them, please read the documentations of PDF to DOC’s CLI, PDF to JPG’s CLI, PDF to Text’s CLI and PDF to HTML’s CLI.

Please note that the -? and -v parameters of the sub CLIs are invalid when you call isimSoftware PDF to X’s CLI, just use them in isimSoftware PDF to X’s CLI directly.

3. Usage

a. Manual:

1) press <Win+R>, type “cmd” and press <Enter> to open the DOS command window.

2) change current path to isimSoftware PDF to X’s program folder by using “cd” command (may need to change current drive first). Right-click isimSoftware PDF to X’s shortcut icon and click “Properties” menu item, you will find the path in [Start in] field.

3) Now you can simply type “ptx -…” to use isimSoftware PDF to X’ CLI.

b. Use isimSoftware PDF to X’s CLI in Your Own Application/Script/BAT on Your Licensed PCs:

First, need to install isimSoftware PDF to X on your licensed PCs, and then simply use the Shell function (or other similar functions) to do it.

This is VB.NET sample code (in VB.NET, two ” indicate one actual “), FYI:

Shell(“””C:\Users\AA\AppData\Roaming\isimSoftware\isimSoftware PDF to X\isimSoftware PDF to X”” -D …”, AppWinStyle.NormalFocus)

c. Deploy isimSoftware PDF to X’s CLI with Your Application/Script/BAT Outside the Scope of Your Licensed PCs:

In this case, do NOT need to install isimSoftware PDF to X on the PCs that you want to deploy to. And you should purchase isimSoftware PDF to X Redistributable CLI, click here to know more details.

Once bought, just deploy the received files under your application or any other place as you need, and then you will have the ability to use it like this (VB.NET code):

Shell(“D:\MyApp\isimSoftware PDF to X\isimSoftware PDF to X -J …”, AppWinStyle.NormalFocus)

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