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The Ultimate CorelDraw Text Search software

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The Ultimate CorelDraw Text Search software
Are you tired of spending hours manually searching for specific text elements within your complex CorelDraw files? Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming task with isimSoftware CorelDraw Text Search .
isimSoftware CorelDraw Text Search is a specialized software designed to streamline the process of searching and locating text within CorelDraw files, starting from version 9 and extending to newer versions.

As CorelDraw files often contain complex designs and numerous layers, finding specific text elements can be a time-consuming task. isimSoftware CorelDraw Text Search aims to simplify this process, enabling users to quickly identify and extract desired text content, saving valuable time and effort.


CorelDraw File Compatibility
With support for CorelDraw files starting from version 9 and newer iterations, the software caters to a broad user base and ensures compatibility with various file formats.

Advanced Search Algorithms
The software employs advanced search algorithms to efficiently scan through multiple layers and pages of CorelDraw files. This feature ensures accurate and reliable results even in complex documents.

Customizable Search Parameters
Users have the flexibility to customize search parameters, such as partial-word matching, substring matching, and whole-word matching. This level of customization allows for precise targeting of text elements.

Real-Time Preview
isimSoftware CorelDraw Text Search provides a real-time thumbnail and text preview of the search results. This feature proves invaluable as it allows users to verify the accuracy of the identified text.

Search Subfolders with Ease
Are you dealing with an extensive collection of CorelDRAW files, scattered across various subfolders? isimSoftware CorelDraw Text Search is up to the task! Our software digs deep into subdirectories, ensuring no valuable file goes unnoticed.

Efficient Text Extraction
With our advanced search algorithms, isimSoftware CorelDraw Text Search can swiftly scan through your intricate CorelDraw files, extracting the text contents therein.

User-Friendly Interface
isimSoftware CorelDraw Text Search boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows both novices and experienced users to navigate the software with ease. The clean layout and straightforward design ensure a minimal learning curve, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

File Properties and Location Access
The software allows users to access detailed file properties, including file size, creation date, and modification date. Additionally, users can open the location of the selected file directly from within the application, making it convenient to explore entire projects or related files associated with the extracted text.

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